In Pokemon GO, Legendary Pokemon are the most wanted monsters that you can have, in terms of movesets, stats and raw strength. This is the 4th year of the game, and Niantic has been releasing new legendaries very regularly. The newest ones are Xerneas and Yveltal of Generation VI, released earlier this year.

In this article, we are going to list out the top 5 most powerful Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon GO. They are very dominant in Master League.

5 - Kyogre

The version of Kyogre in Pokemon Go is super strong, despite his inability to use Drizzle. 270 attack is definitely on the higher side, which means it is resistant to getting knocked out. Water Pokemon like Kyogre are great on teams, as they only fear Pokemon of Grass type and Electric type.

Pokemon Go Kyogre

His Waterfall combos with Surf extremely well - they can deal tons of damage to Pokemon that don't have resist.

4 - Lugia

While Lugia is fairly weak attack-wise, it has a fantastic defense stat. With a whopping 310 defense, you can sit Lugia on any Gym Defense team for the highest success rate possible. While not being as strong, its Future Sights and Aeroblasts are still decent offensive tools.

Pokemon GO Lugia

3 - Zekrom

On top of the super high stats befitting a legendary Pokemon, Zekrom also has a crazy moveset. It is one of the few legendaries with low energy cost moves - you only need 50 to fire off a Wild Charge or Outrage. Its Flash Cannon can counter the stronger Psychic and Ghost Pokemon as well.

Zekrom Pokemon Go

Overall, Zekrom is super versatile and can be used in a lot of situations. That's why it ranks top among the most powerful Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon GO.

2 - Giratina (Origin)

Giratina's strength is probably its weird combination of types. It has the attributes of both Ghost and Dragon types, which means Giratina can resist Fighting, Fire, Grass, Water, and several other commonly used types. In combination with its 284 stamina, a poorly crafted team will definitely have problems taking Giratina down.

Giratina Pokemon Go
Giratina Origin Form

225 attack might be low comparing to other legendaries, it is still enough to shred teams with Dragon Pulse and Shadow Ball.

1 - Shadow Mewtwo

Shadow Mewtwo has dominated the meta ever since its release. Having over 300 attack stat, it is a wrecking ball that demolishes pretty much everything. People even claimed they can beat Raids alone with Shadow Mewtwo using STAB Psychic moves.

Shadow Mewtwo Pokemon Go
Shadow Mewtwo

Besides his stats, Shadow Mewtwo's skills are also powerful as well. He has some of the best coverage moves in the game like Thunderbolt, Ice Beam and Shadow Ball, making him one of the most powerful Legendary Pokemon in the game till date.

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