Weapons are the most important factor in a shooter, and Battlegrounds Mobile India is not an exception. With BGMI being a mobile game, weapon control is probably the hardest part, as touchscreen control is nowhere near as precise as the PC's mouse & keyboard.

Guns with less recoil are easier to control and therefore more powerful. In this article, we are going to list out the top 5 weapons with the lowest recoil in BGMI.

5 - UMP45

The UMP45 is probably the best SMG in Battlegrounds Mobile India. It deals the second highest damage of all the SMGs, right behind the Tommy Gun, making it a very viable late-stage gun when fitted out with attachments.


While its damage is nowhere near the level of an AR, its low recoil matters. Furthermore, that aspect can be improved even further with a foregrip and compensator. Sneaky players can also replace the compensator with a suppressor.

4 - Vector

The Vector works identical to the UMP45, but exchange the high damage per shot for a higher fire rate. Damage-wise, the Vector is actually better. Besides the very high rate of fire and low recoil, this gun also has the benefit of having the most attachment slots of all the SMGs to further increase its performance.

Vector in BGMI

The major downside of this weapon is that its magazine capacity is only 19. Therefore, extended magazines are a must if you want to continue using the Vector in the late game.

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3 - DP-28

The reason that a machine gun like the DP-28 manages to get on this list of weapons with lowest recoil in BGMI is because of its bipod. By going prone, or crouch you can greatly reduce its recoil, allowing more precise shots against distant targets.

DP-28 in BGMI

Being a vintage weapon, it lacks attachments, being only capable of accepting sights up to the 6x scope, allowing greatly increased range for supporting fire.

2 - M416

The M416 has always been a fan-favorite of Free Fire players, both newbies and veterans alike. It has very low recoil and is very effective in both close and mid range combat. The best part of the M416 is that it can accept the most modifications of any of the assault rifles, accepting muzzle, magazine, stock, lower and upper rail attachments.

M416 in BGMI

Furthermore, it also has exceptional stability, only bested by the AUG. A fully modified M416 is therefore extremely powerful - its low recoil allows you to go full auto and still hitting the targets.

1 - AUG A3

The AUG A3 is an air drop-only weapon, and that's probably why it is so powerful. The gun has exceptional handling and low recoil, alongside a much higher muzzle velocity. This means bullets from the AUG A3 travels much faster than the usual AR and therefore more accurate.


However, the AUG is not without weakness. It has a fairly slow reload time, with a tactical reload being 3 seconds - a quickdraw magazine is vital. Its rate of fire is also relatively slow, which allows for better control but somewhat reduces its power in close range fights. This is what makes the AUG A3 the weapon with the lowest recoil in BGMI.

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