Skyler ventured into Free Fire as a character not long ago yet he has already won the hearts of many players. This character whose ability can recover HPs and ruin gloo walls is the most ideal for aggressive playstyle.

Pairing a character with a pet will upgrade the gameplay a lot. And while the game has many different pets to offer, this article displays the best pets to combine with Skyler in Free Fire.

1. Mr. Waggor

Both the abilities of Mr. Waggor and Skyler are about gloo walls. Skyler’s skill helps recover HP with every deployed gloo wall whereas Waggor provides gamers with a decent number of gloo walls.

Free Fire Mr Waggor
The hipsta penguin appears in a lot of lists when it comes to the best pets for various reasons.

At his default level, the pet can generate a gloo wall every 2 minutes. At the highest level, Mr. Waggor can produce a grenade in 100 seconds in case gamers have less than two in their kitty.

2. Beaston

Beaston has a skill named Helping Hand and it boosts the throwing proximity of normal grenades, flashbangs, gloo wall grenades, and smoke grenades by 10 percent.

Pet Beaston Free Fire
One of the best pets to combine with Skyler in Free Fire is Beaston.

The skill gets enhances at its max level and gamers can toss it 30 percent farther than normal. Also, Helping Hand comes in handy when Skyler fights in aggressive combat.

For the unknown, he is also among the best Free Fire pets to pair with Chrono in Clash Squad.

3. Robo

Wall Enforcement is the skill Robo owns. It helps add a shield to one gloo wall and brings about 60 HPs extra. The amount of HP is enhanced to 100 at the highest level.

Pets Free Fire Robo
Do not miss Robo when you are playing as Skyler.

The reason why this is one of the best pets to combine with Skyler in Free Fire is that Skyler already assists gamers when it comes to recovering HP.

4. Detective Panda

Detective Panda is among the best healing pets in Free Fire and it also poses a great option to pair with Skyler. It adds more to the HP recovery skill of his ability.

Detective Panda
Detective Panda is one of the most favorite companions in Free Fire.

This pet’s skill is touted as Panda’s Blessings and it gives gamers 4 HPs for each kill. At the highest level, the HP amount recovered is boosted to 10 each kill.

5. Poring

As Skyler is recommended for those who like aggressive gameplay, it is of importance to successfully get rid of enemies while protecting yourselves as much as possible.

Poring Free Fire Pet
Poring will be the best pet to go with Skyler.

Poring may look harmless but its ability can help players a lot in their gameplay. Stitch and Patch is Poring’s skill and it guarantees helmets will not be damaged. Moreover, it boosts the armor’s longevity. This skill goes get better as the levels increase.

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