Salman Khan is always listed as one of the most successful actors in the Bollywood movie industry. Despite his controversies, he has appeared in more than 80 movies and received a lot of reputable awards. Many of his movies immediately become hits or blockbusters when they hit screens. Check out the list of hits and blockbuster movie of Salman Khan with right now!

List Of Blockbuster Movie Of Salman Khan | Bharat | Dabangg 3

1. Dabangg 3

Release Date: 20 Dec 2019

After the consecutive success of the two movies Dabangg (2010) and Dabangg 2 (2012), Dabangg 3 finally hit screens in 2019. The action-comedy movie once again revolves around a corrupt cop Chulbul Pandey and his amazing life. One day, a girl seeks help at the station in which his brother Makkhi works, and Chulbul and his brother decide to investigate the case.

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2. Bharat

Release Date: 05 Jun 2019

Bharat tells a story about a common man called Bharat from the age of 8 to 70. When he was just a boy, he loses his sister in the chaos and his father decides to seek her after asking Bharat to take care of their family. Many years later, Bharat keeps following his father’s promise and waiting for his comeback in vain; however, until the end of this movie, he has no chance to meet his father again.

3. Tiger Zinda Hai

Release Date: 22 Dec 2017

In his career spanning more than 30 years, Tiger Zinda Hai is no doubt the highest-grossing movie of Salman Khan. With a box office revenue of Rs565 crore, this movie is also known as the 8th highest-grossing Indian film.

Tiger and Zoya are experiencing a peaceful life before they are assigned to rescue Indian and Pakistani nurses from an ISIS organization. There are seven days to go before the CIA starts an airstrike to terminate Usman, the leader of the terrorist organization.

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4. Sultan

Release Date: 06 Jul 2016

Sultan is one of the top five highest-grossing Indian films and that’s why it must deserve a try if you are looking for a list of blockbuster movies of Salman Khan. The movie revolves around a pehlwani wrestler named Sultan Ali Khan and his life and career, from his love with his wife Aarfa Hussain, the death of his son, to his determination in each match.


5. Prem Ratan Dhan Payo

Release Date: 12 Nov 2015

Prince of Pritampur Yuvraj Vijay Singh who will become the next king is assassinated but luckily escape death. He is then protected in a secret place. While Prem Dilwale whose appearance definitely looks like Vijay becomes his doppelganger. Unlike stubborn Vijay, nice Prem tries to deal with every trouble in the royal family and therefore, win the hearts of both Vijay’s sisters, as well as princess Maithili. Can Vijay once again come to power? What will happen to Prem when Princess Maithili realizes who he is? Watch Prem Ratan Dhan Payo and get your own answer!

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6. Kick

Release Date: 25 Jul 2014

Kick tells a story about Devi, a criminal who is always chasing after something called a “kick” in his life. He had a romantic relationship with Shaina Mehra but the couple then breaks up because of his adventurous and crazy nature. Besides, Devi is seen targeting and robbing corrupt businessmen and helping the needy people, regardless of being hunted by police. The movie Kick is also known as Salman Khan’s first movie on the 200 Crore Club. Watch this blockbuster movie of Salman Khan now!


7. Jai Ho

Release Date: 24 Jan 2014

Another film of Salman Khan that was released in 2014 and gained a lot of success is Jai Ho, a political action movie. It revolves around an ex-army officer Jai Agnihotri who builds a system in which each citizen is encouraged to help three people in a day. However, there are a lot of challenges on the way to seek kindness and Jai has to face Home Minister Dashrath Singh and his henchmen.

8. Dabangg 2

Release Date: 21 Dec 2012

If you are wondering how many blockbuster movies of Salman Khan there are, the answer is 5 blockbusters and 5 all-time blockbusters. And Dabangg 2 is no doubt one amongst them. The movie follows inspector Chulbul Pandey and his journeys to seek justice in his own way.

Dabangg 2
Dabangg 2.

Above are some of the most notable movies on the list of the blockbuster movie of Salman Khan you shouldn’t miss. Until now, Salman Khan is still known as the king of the domestic box office and his new movie must deserve waiting.

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