Directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson, Fifty Shades of Grey is an erotic romantic drama film featuring Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan as the lead roles. The film revolves around the sadomasochistic relationship between Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey, a young and successful businessman. While this movie rapidly gained huge attention from the global audiences, it’s not hard to comprehend why fans continue to look for the top list of movies similar to Fifty Shades of Grey on the Internet.

Now, let’s check out the following list of movies similar to Fifty Shades of Grey with and tell us which movies suits you the most?

List Of Movies Similar To Fifty Shades Of Grey (1/2)

Pretty Woman

Almost all of the girls desire to become a beautiful princess; however, our life sometimes doesn’t allow this dream to turn true. And Vivian in Pretty Woman is not an exception. As a prostitute, Vivian could keep living at the bottom of the society if she didn’t meet a wealthy businessman named Edward Lewis.

From the initial business transaction to the later love, the couple gradually learns how to sympathize with each other and step into the partner’s world. As the first name on the list of movies similar to 50 Shades, Pretty Woman must be a perfect option for film fans.

Pretty Woman

Basic Instinct

Basic Instinct revolves around a mysterious writer, Catherine Trammel, and an investigation carried out by detective Nick Curran. After a rock star is found dead, Catherine Trammel becomes a suspect but she finally was let go due to lack of evidence. Nick Curran doesn’t believe that the seductive writer is actually innocent as she has shown and that’s why he starts an investigation on his own. Can he resist her temptation and escape from the same fate as other victims or not?

Whenever mentioning an erotic thriller film, many first think about Basic Instinct. In spite of mixed reviews, the neo-noir film still became a box office success. If you are searching for movies similar to Fifty Shades freed, Basic Instinct deserves a try.

Mr. And Mrs. Smith

There are some differences between the 2005 movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith and other movies on the list; however, when considering some hot scenes, this movie still worth a slot.

The couple accidentally meets each other and immediately gets marriage while both don’t know that the spouse turns out to be a pro assassin. Things turn worse when they are ordered to kill the other.

Mr And Mrs Smith
Mr. And Mrs. Smith.

List Of Movies Similar To Fifty Shades Of Grey (2/2)


The title of this film is enough to reveal a part of its content to the audience. Amongst movies similar to Fifty Shades of Grey on Netflix, Nymphomaniac revolves around a sex addict named Joe who always enjoys her sexual orientation, instead of hiding it like many others.

Jerome may be one of a few people who are willing to tolerate Joe’s nature. However, it’s too difficult to control her sex addiction and how does their life end up? Watch this film on Netflix and find out your answer!

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Wild Things

Wild Things takes the audiences to the sensuous experience. The movie revolves around two teenagers and a guidance counselor. The guidance counselor is accused of raping the two girls and later arrested. However, he doesn’t accept the charges. Detective Dequette is the one to investigate the case and gradually discover the secrets behind this story.

Cruel Intentions

Cruel Intentions exposes the unbelievable sexual world between two step-siblings. Their hobby is to challenge one another to date and sleep with others as a way to kill the time.

Things change when Katheryn suggests Sebastian seducing beautiful Annette. If he gains success, he will have a chance to enjoy the forbidden fruit with his step-sibling, Katheryn. However, Sebastian seems to be actually attracted by Annette. Cruel Intentions is a must-watch for those in search of movies similar to Fifty Shades of Gray.

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Unfaithful reveals to us how a happy family can be ruined. Connie is experiencing a perfect life with her husband and son. However, an accidental meet between her and a stranger changes everything. Connie starts infidelity and bets her life for some climax moments.

And her husband gradually finds out some changes in his wife. He starts an investigation to find out what’s happening to Connie and his family. The truth turns out to be more complicated than he thinks. However, one thing he knows for sure is that his marriage never returns to the previous happy moments. With the impressively sly script, Unfaithful must suit your taste more than many other Fifty Shades freed fmovies.


There are lots of movies similar to Fifty Shades of Grey in Hollywood movie history and the above list just mentions some. How many movies on this list have you ever watched and which movie suits you the most? Leave a comment on the below section!

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