Minecraft Hardcore is a mode for experienced players. It has the highest difficulty and once you die in this mode, you will die for good and you will have to start a new world. That's why players need to be super cautious in this world. Here, we have listed 5 things you need to avoid doing Minecraft Hardcore.

1. Don't dig down directly

This is a tip that players should avoid at all times. While it is more convenient to just dig the block right underneath you, you might dig into a large cave or lava pool and fall to death. Instead, if you dig 2 down 2 blocks side by side, you will be able to see if there is a cave down there and not fall.

However, if you do fall, be prepared with a water bucket so you can land safely.

Minecraft Dig
Digging down directly can lead you to doom.

2. Prepare carefully before getting into the nether

The nether is a much more punishing realm than the overworld. There are many dangerous mobs here that such as Ghast, Enderman who can end your run if you are not well equipped with good armor.

Nether Skeleton
Hostile mobs in the nether won't give you an easy time down there.

3. Stay away from ravines

Ravines are huge narrow openings that are often a few blocks deep in the overworld. The reason why it is dangerous is that creepers can fall on your head anytime without notice. Players are recommended to stay away from ravines in Hardcore if they don't want their run to end randomly.

Ravines Minecraft
Staying in ravines in Minecraft can be quite risky.

4. Stay safe at the night

As everyone knows, the night in Minecraft is when mobs start spawning in large quantities. It can be quite difficult to fight all the mobs in the hardest difficulty so the best option is to go to sleep to skip the night.

Players are recommended to sleep at night to void the mobs.

5. Fight mobs carefully

Fighting mobs can be exhilarating but players should not be carried away, especially in Minecraft Hardcore. Keep in mind that once you die, you will die for good in this world so always play safe. Take your time to kill the mob if you have to and dodge their attacks whenever possible.

Old Ghast Closeup
When fighting powerful mobs, it is important to be patient and dodge their attack.

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