The roof is a must-have part of any house, including Minecraft houses. Having a beautiful roof also makes the house more impressive and stunning. Check out the top 10 simple and beautiful Minecraft roof designs for beginners in 2022 here.

There are many Minecraft roof designs for your houses in the game. These house roofs are very easy to build and decorate your house. Besides, these simple roofs require popular materials and blocks to build.

Farmhouse With Round Roof
Curved roofs make your house look smooth.

#1. Minecraft Round Roof Designs

There are many different roof designs Minecraft with different shapes. The curved roof or round roof is a simple roof Minecraft for beginners. First, build the stairs upside-down. Then, you need to use slabs and blocks to give the roof a gradual curve. This roof is a kind of Gambrel rooftop in this game for houses and towers. It looks good but upside downstairs leaves many gaps that cannot be filled.

#2. A-Frame Roof For Houses

Another simple rooftop design is the A-frame roof. It's one of the most simple and common Minecraft house roof designs. This rooftop gives your houses the feeling of coziness, especially in the snowy biome. You can also use this roof design for your houses in other biomes. Build a triangle front and back wall. Then, follow the classic roof design but you need to connect the roof with the ground.

A Frame Roof For Houses
Build a cozy and lovely house with an A-frame roof.

#3. Classic Roof Design

The classic roof design is the easiest structure to build in Minecraft. You only need to use blocks, stairs, or slabs to build two slopes on two sides of the house. To create a classic rooftop, you need to start with upside-down stairs at the top of the front and back wall. Then, place slabs or stairs to make slopes. You can use stone slabs or wooden blocks to roof the house.

#4. One-way Slant

If the classic and A-shape roofs include two slopes, the one-way slant roof includes only one slope. This roof can be used for modern houses with a slope leaning on a wall. This simple but impressive design gives your house a unique and modern look. You can leave a window on the roof and fill it with glass blocks to get the light to the house.

One Way Slant
One-way Slant gives your house a modern look.

#5. Rooftop With Patio

If you are building a 2-story house, the rooftop with a patio is one of the best designs for your house. You can make some columns and wooden barriers around the patio. Then, place the wooden roof on the top of the second floor. Make the color of the walls and the house roof contrast to make it look better. For example, you can use light brown wood to build the house and dark brown wood to make the roof.

#6. Brick Roof

A brick roof is a good idea for village houses or small rural mansions. It gives you the feeling of home. You can leave a small gap by missing some brick blocks to insert a glass rooftop window. Or else, leave a small square to build up a chimney. Minecraft players can purchase bricks from masons or smelt clay balls to get brick. Every four bricks give players a brick block.

Brick Roof
Brick Roof fits rustic rural mansions.

#7. M-shape Roof

M-shape roof contains two combined A-shape roofs. You need stairs and slabs to build this Minecraft roof. It fits large houses, mansions, and modern or medieval buildings.

#8. Saltbox Roof

You should choose the Saltbox roof design for large portions of your wooden house. Use full blocks, stairs, and slabs. It's pretty similar to the A-shape roof structure but asymmetric. A longer slope of the roof is longer than the other one. If you have a 2-portion or 3-portion house, you can use this roof for the sub-portion and the classic roof for the main portion.

Castle Tower
Start with a simple round roof for your castle.

Players can also design an impressive and eye-catching roof for their observatory or decoration towers in Minecraft. A splendid roof of the high towers can be a highlight of your farm. Check out some beautiful Minecraft roof designs for your tower here.

#9. Round Castle Roof

The round castle roof is one of the easiest tower roof ideas in Minecraft. You need to start with a perfect circle in Minecraft that is a bit bigger than the cylinder tower. Then, start to build smaller circles on the base circle. Keep building up to make a conical roof until you reach the top of the cone.

#10. Squared Tower Roof

Another idea for the tower roof is the squared roof. It matches the tower with a squared base. When you reach the top of the tower, build a squared base for the roof that overwhelms four tower walls. Then, place smaller squares on the base and start to build up until you reach the top of the pyramid.

Squared Roof
The simple squared roof looks like a pyramid.

Those are the top ten simple and beautiful Minecraft roof designs for beginners. From these bases, you can create other styles to make your houses look better in this sandbox game.

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