The availability of Minecraft modifications is truly astonishing, with numerous options that enhance various aspects of the Overworld such as conditions, biomes, and entities. However, some mods go beyond the confines of a player's familiar realm and direct their focus elsewhere, transcending the limitations of Earth itself. By making the right modifications, enthusiasts can embark on interstellar adventures, piloting a space vessel to explore the unknown realms.

These in-game modifications come in different sizes and scopes, yet they all share a common goal of introducing space exploration to Minecraft. Some mods emphasize technology and exploration, while others prioritize action and encounters with extraterrestrial beings.

For Minecraft fans seeking a new home among the stars, there are a few mods that deserve their immediate attention and experimentation.

1. Ad Astra

The journey to outer space is far from easy, yet resilient Minecraft players who embrace the Ad Astra mod will soon find themselves soaring beyond the bounds of Earth. They will have a wealth of tools at their disposal, including the ability to construct rockets, space suits, and shelters specifically designed for other planets, all of which will aid them in their ambitious endeavors.

Ad Astra

With Ad Astra, fans can embark on thrilling expeditions to two distinct solar systems and explore five new celestial bodies, ranging from Earth's moon to the icy planetoid known as Glacio. Armed with a comprehensive guidebook, players of Ad Astra will be captivated by these cosmic realms and may find themselves hardly yearning for the familiar landscapes of the Overworld ever again.

2. Advanced Rocketry

Bringing a substantial level of personalization, the Advanced Rocketry mod empowers enthusiasts to embark on extensive space exploration, piloting their own spacecraft.

Advanced Rocketry

By crafting rockets and warp-capable jumpships, fans can utilize the mod's specialized interface for space travel, granting them access to numerous uncharted planets and moons. These celestial bodies offer distinct resources to gather and blocks to utilize, providing endless opportunities for discovery. Through careful selection of mechanical components, players can fine-tune their vessels according to their preferences, and even construct fully functional space stations to orbit any planet of their preference.

In the event that fans encounter a planet that doesn't meet their expectations, the mod enables them to engage in terraforming activities, transforming it into a more suitable and desirable environment.

3. Galacticraft

In tandem with Ad Astra, Galacticraft stands as one of the most renowned and cherished space mods within the Minecraft community. Its enduring popularity has inspired creators to develop additional add-ons that enhance the overall experience.


Enthusiasts can construct personalized spaceships and organize multiplayer teams to embark on adventures together. They have the opportunity to journey across the galaxy, venturing into uncharted worlds teeming with extraterrestrial life forms. For those seeking a bit more excitement, Galacticraft presents captivating dungeons to explore, plunder, and conquer through thrilling battles.

Thanks to its developer-friendly API, Galacticraft empowers Minecraft modders to unleash their creativity by crafting new planets, spacecraft, creatures, and even entire galaxies and solar systems, providing endless opportunities for exploration and discovery.

4. Beyond Earth

Equipped with an extensive array of over 100 new blocks and a diverse range of materials, Beyond Earth furnishes Minecraft players with all the necessary tools to embark on thrilling cosmic adventures. They have the ability to construct rockets of varying tiers, enabling them to venture across five distinct planets and moons situated within two separate solar systems. Additionally, they can establish shelters complete with customized oxygen atmospheres and gravity systems.

Maxresdefault 1
Beyond Earth

Furthermore, players have the opportunity to construct their very own space stations and fashion suits equipped with propulsion technology, allowing them to traverse the vast emptiness of outer space. And when the time comes to explore a planet or moon in style, weary travelers can assemble a rover and traverse the surface with flair and convenience.

5. Space Station

For Minecraft players who yearn to delve into the marvels of space without the need to traverse multiple planets, the Space Station mod presents a compelling option worth considering.

Space Station

By simply pressing the tab key, players can transport themselves to an orbital station situated on the outskirts of Earth. This station offers dedicated rooms designed for leisure, work, and asteroid mining. The rooms can be upgraded using new materials, and specialized work blocks allow for the processing of planetary ores and metals to create new combat gear.

While Space Station may not provide the same extensive exploration opportunities as some other Minecraft mods, it undeniably offers a wealth of superb space-themed content to immerse oneself in.

6. Space Dimensions

Space Dimensions is a highly adaptable mod that invites additional contributions from fellow mod creators, although it already boasts an abundance of content on its own. Players have the opportunity to explore renowned celestial destinations such as the Moon and Mars, as well as lesser-known locales like Europa, Ganymede, Io, Titan, and more.

Starship Pic2
Space Dimensions

Venturing to the stars is made possible through rockets fueled by either liquid or solid propellants, while the surfaces of planets can be traversed with hoverbikes. Those inclined to aquatic exploration can embark on underwater journeys with submarines, or opt to mine planetary resources using a brand-new mining rig.

Beyond constructing starships and extraterrestrial bases, players will also discover that villagers have taken on new space-themed professions, adding a unique dimension to their Minecraft experience.

7. Galaxies: Parzi's Star Wars Mod

While many space-themed Minecraft mods allow players to explore the Milky Way or nearby star systems, Galaxies: Parzi's Star Wars Mod transports them to a distant galaxy in a time long ago.

Tatooine Scene
Galaxies: Parzi's Star Wars Mod

Unlike Mojang's Star Wars add-ons, which primarily focus on cosmetic changes, Parzi's mod goes a step further by granting fans the tools and abilities to immerse themselves in the ways of the Force. They can wield iconic blasters from the films, ignite a lightsaber and engage in combat, soar through the stars in an X-Wing, or witness a breathtaking binary sunset on Tatooine.

For Minecraft enthusiasts seeking an authentic Star Wars experience, this mod should be their first choice. Although still in its Alpha stage, Galaxies is a modification that is continually improving and evolving over time.

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