The abundance of activities and attractions available in Baldur's Gate 3 might overwhelm newcomers, even during the initial stages. With numerous individuals to converse with, quests to initiate, and battles to emerge victorious in, determining where to commence can pose a challenge. Players might become so engrossed in the notably compelling primary questline that they overlook other interconnected narratives, some of which are truly worth experiencing.

While the allure of uncovering new territories may entice players to advance the plot, progressing to Act Two of Baldur's Gate 3 can substantially alter the consequences stemming from Act One. Therefore, it's vital for players to advance with the assurance that they've fully embraced the opportunities presented in the first act. Those seeking a bit of direction can explore the subsequent options to extract the utmost satisfaction from Act One prior to embarking on the next phase of their journey.

Find All The Party Members

Enlisting the maximum number of party members might appear to be a straightforward initial move, but it's remarkable how effortless it is to overlook potential comrades. Astarion and Lae'zel can be encountered near the crash site of the nautiloid, as can Shadowheart if players succeeded in saving her during the ship incident. Additionally, interacting with a malfunctioning waypoint rune allows players to come across Gale in the same area, rendering him easily overlooked.

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Find All The Party Members

Within the Druid Grove, players have the chance to recruit Wyll, along with Shadowheart if she wasn't rescued from the nautiloid. By following the Risen Road along the river to the right, Karlach can be located. While they don't function as companions in Act One, players can also forge a possible alliance with the druid Halsin or the drow Minthara, contingent upon their choice in the conflict between the druids and tieflings versus goblins.

Use The Adamantine Forge

The Adamantine Forge stands as a hidden treasure within Act One. Although accessible at any juncture of the game, fashioning armor or weaponry from this forge can ensure players are well-prepared for their progression into Act Two. Nestled within Grymforge, it's discoverable by traversing the suspended, movable platforms situated high above the duergar and deep gnomes.

Utilizing the forge involves collecting molds scattered along the path and obtaining raw crafting materials. Additionally, players need to overcome the forge's formidable security measures. While exploring the forge's vicinity, players might also stumble upon a sentient amulet that houses the soul of a cursed monk—an acquisition certainly valuable to possess.

Find Mol

Mol leads a group of young tiefling rogue children within the Druid Grove. Players have several avenues to initiate their search for her. They can converse with Doni, the reserved tiefling child, or engage with the two tiefling youngsters vending dubious trinkets. Nevertheless, one of the simplest methods to locate Mol involves rescuing a tiefling boy named Mirkon from the clutches of harpies.

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Mirkon's whereabouts can be pinpointed at the cove along the path opposite to Alfira's location. Assisting and comforting him results in him sharing the password that grants access to Mol's hideout. He mentions that Mol is interested in conversing with the player. Similar to Alfira, Mol's backstory becomes more intricate as the game unfolds, making it advantageous to become acquainted with her during Act One.

Get Volo To Join The Camp

Volo the Bard is a notorious figure, recognized by avid Dungeons and Dragons enthusiasts. He has the potential to become part of the player's camp, offering support on their mission to find a remedy and evolving into a steadfast companion.

Regrettably, achieving this requires a rescue operation from the goblin camp, where he is held captive by a goblin who finds amusement in his predicament. Despite the effort involved, the benefits of having Volo as a comrade make the endeavor worthwhile, as his presence enriches the broader storyline.

Discover The Society Of Brilliance

The Underdark's Ebonlake Grotto houses a captivating assortment of individuals for players to engage with. Among them, a noteworthy duo consists of Blurg and Omeluum from the Society of Brilliance.

Initially, players will come across Blurg, a friendly hobgoblin. Engaging in a conversation with him about their troubles with the illithids will lead to his introduction of Omeluum. This initiates an intriguing quest that entails exploring an Arcane Tower. Additionally, it acquaints players with a society that is bound to appear more frequently as the narrative unfolds.

Investigate Auntie Ethel & Mayrina

One of the most captivating undertakings within Act One is concealed and easily overlooked. Prior to advancing to Act Two, players should contemplate exploring the Sunlit Wetlands adjacent to the forest. Initially, their introduction to the wetlands will entail an elderly woman facing threats from two men. These men assert that she is a hag responsible for abducting their bereaved sister, Mayrina.

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While on the quest for Mayrina, the wetlands harbor numerous intriguing encounters and concealed truths waiting to be unveiled. The more players uncover, the more deeply they are drawn into the narrative. Completion of the Act One questline in its entirety can also yield consequences that ripple throughout the overarching story. As an additional point of interest, players might also encounter a monster hunter in this vicinity, dropping hints about an entirely separate questline—an interaction that is certainly worth engaging in.

Meet The True Soul Siblings

Upon departing from the Druid Grove, if players veer to the right, they will encounter a young man and woman assisting their mortally wounded sibling, who has suffered an attack by an owlbear. The man falls under the category of a 'True Soul,' sharing the same illithid tadpole as the player, yet lacking autonomous volition.

While they could potentially be perceived as a menace to players opposing the dictates of the Absolute, engaging in dialogue with them can be peacefully resolved, resulting in the siblings even appearing at the goblin camp. This interaction's primary significance lies in the encounter players have with the brother's body, offering an early and intriguing experience that revolves around the illithid tadpole.