2YoC (real name Tsuyoshi) is only 9 years old but just got an amazing performance at the EVO 2019. The young Dragon Ball FighterZ player finished the first round of the tournament without a single loss, securing himself the 1st place in the winner's bracket. That means he had became one of the best 256 players (among 1,200 participants) in this year's EVO Dragon Ball FighterZ tournament.

EVO 2019 has many tournaments for players to participate, including one for Dragon Ball FighterZ.

With great dedication and also an innate capacity for fighting games, 2YoC received much attention from the community. He usually battles against Dragon Ball FighterZ's strongest players over the world at the Fighting Tuesday tournaments held in Tokyo, Japan, and was considered a well-known young talent. The champion of EVO 2019's Dragon Ball FighterZ tournament, GO1, also cheered for the performance of 2YoC on his Twitter.

2YoC is so talented at such a young age.

Unluckily, things went bad for 2YoC in the next round of the tournament. The young talent was defeated by Ho-Chan in his first Saturday's match, resulting in his place in the bracket for losers. And in the second match, 2YoC lost to the famous player Kuba and was officially out of the tournament.

He uses this Death of Yamacho pose to express his feeling.

Despite his unhappy ending, 2YoC proved that he has lots of potentials. This is the first time he's participated in an EVO's Dragon Ball FighterZ tournament, and also definitely not his only time. In fact, he's already revealed his determination "to come to EVO again" via a tweet, and we should really expect to see him again next year.

After his final matches, 2YoC now stands amongst 192 best players in this Dragon Ball FighterZ tournament. Given that EVO is the biggest event for fighting games over the globe, his achievement is incredibly significant for a 9-year-old talent.