At the first encounter, I find that Agents: Biohunters has some vibes of Fortnite with its cartoon-like visuals and jump-n-gun gameplay. However, after having a closer look, I think that it's more like a mixture of Fortnite visuals and Overwatch's character skills in competitive PvE raids.

Agents: Biohunters is a third-person shooting action game from the developer and also the publisher Playstark. The game is still under development right now, but the developer has run a lot of beta tests for players interested in the game to join. Most of them are shocked by how unique and fascinating this game is, not only for its graphical quality but also its gameplay.

If you're having a hard time imagining how Gigantic, Fortnite and Overwatch mix together, feel free to see the trailer below to have a look:

The background story of Agents: Biohunters

Agents: Biohunters take the settings of a futuristic world, as you can see modern buildings, advanced vehicles and flying drones in the trailer above. However, this world is definitely not a safe place, as the people here are now suffering from the huge creatures attacking and posing dangers to the community.

Human needs armies to deal with them, and that's where you - one of the 'Agents' - stand up to protect our own life. Together with your team, you'll take on the mission of conquering the giant beings all over the world. However, other teams will not let you gain that glory easily, as they'll do everything to keep you away from your objectives.

Agents Biohunters Revealed 5
Take control of an Agent to protect the world!

Killing huge monsters is very cool, but be sure that no one will obstruct you first!

Gameplay features

As the developer Playstark has mentioned, Agents: Biohunters is a third-person action shooter, which puts you into the shoes of an Agent, protecting the world. Working in tandem with your teammates, you'll explore the vibrant futuristic world, fight against hostile monsters that are bigger either in sides or in quantity than you.

Agents Biohunters Revealed 6
Your enemies will outnumber you

At first, you'll have to choose your characters from six types of Agents. Each Agent will have their unique stats, weapons, and abilities, which open up a lot of unique team combinations. For example, you can play as a mobile gunner, jumping and running around the monsters and shoot them down while dodging their attacks. Or if you'd love to be tankier, feel free to choose the one with a shield. Want heavy firepowers? The rocket man will help you.

Agents Biohunters Revealed 1
There are totally six heroes for you to choose from

The characters in this game remind me a lot of Overwatch, and the developer also admitted that this game takes a lot of inspiration from the famous heroes shooter of Blizzard. But instead of playing from the first-person perspective, the third-person perspective allows you to have a much broader look on the battlefield for the best strategical approach.

Speaking about the combats, the shooting in Agents: Biohunter is quite similar to Fortnite, but without the building parts. You will raise your gun against giants enemies with your teammates, running around them while following the plan to take them down. However, your character can level up in this game, which adds more RPG elements into the shooter.

Agents Biohunters Revealed 2
Level up to enhance your skills and equipment

And last but not least, even though your main task is to fight against monsters, you'll have to watch out for other teams as well. They will not hesitate 'misfire' several bullets on your team, so you will not have to spare them either. There are reloading times, but the ammo is unlimited!

Agents Biohunters Revealed 3
Watch out for other teams!

Release date and supported platforms

Agents: Biohunters is aiming to come out in early 2020, but there's no official release date yet.

Agents Biohunters Revealed 4
Agents: Biohunters will come out in 2020

At launch, it will be available for PC via Steam first, and then reach PS4, Xbox One and Switch at a later date.