In a battle royale like Apex Legends, you can be great at everything from positioning, tactics, surviving, but one of the most essential skill has always been and will always be shooting. No individual or team can win without killing and winning some gun fights to survive in the map, especially when the game is getting more crowded with skilled players.

While shooting skills from other battle royales or FPS games can actually help, there are a few things that those games won't teach you. So in order to be more successful with your guns and impress your teammates while helping the whole team to get to the top, we have broken down some useful tips for you to use on the field of Apex Legends.

Take care of your sensitivity settings

This one does not relate to any personal skills at all, instead only a reminder. Whenever you find yourself struggling with the aiming sensitivity or mouse speed, it is time to adjust those settings. The easiest way is by try-and-true until you find your favorite settings that won't mess you up with your shooting experience. This can be really simple if your mouse has a DPI setting.

Damage Data is important

Apex Legends Damage Info

While many amateurs ignore this, the information shown each time you hit an opponent can reveal to you much more than you think, For example, if the damage number is blue with an armor icon next to it, that means the player is being protected by body armor and you are dealing damage to it. This is important for you to calculate how much armor they have left, how deadly you are, and eventually the chance you are having the advantage over them. Furthermore, it can help you decide if a gunfight is easy for the team to win based on you and your opponents' equipment and status. If they are too powerful and even outperform you, it might be wise to retreat soon and not wasting lives.

Pick up new armor

Apex Armor

Every time you manage to pick up armor from a loot box, whether of a teammate or an opponent, you will be granted with a full level of armor. Keep this in mind as it can give you a greater advantage during a serious fight in which you have a chance to approach any dead body on the field. Another thing being you can't cheat game just by exchanging your armor with your teammates.

Never attack first unless you know you will win

Attacking an enemy from far away without knowing anything about them or the possibilities of the fight is an amateur thing. The chance that you can end their lives with snipers in Apex Legends is really low compared to other battle royales, especially if you are not better equipped them then it is a death wish for you and your team since once you open fire, your position is exposed. Try to avoid fighting as much as possible, instead spend that time to get stronger and ready for the real fights that you have no choices but to deal with the enemies once and for all.

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Use complementary guns instead of reloading

It is significantly longer for players to take down opponents in Apex Legends compared to other similar games. It means that you will hardly have the chance to end your enemy's life in a single magazine of your primary weapons. And while reloading can sometimes be so time-consuming, it can be a great idea if you instead choose to switch to your 2nd or 3rd gun. After dealing great damage to their armor and piercing it with the first magazine of the primary gun, it is ideal to use your next guns (powerful ones like Peacekeeper) to finally blow up your enemy.

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Avoid exposing yourself

As we have said, revealing your whereabouts to stronger enemies could be a disaster so try to avoid firing needlessly and making noises or even summoning Lifeline as much as possible. If needed, summon it in somewhere you are well covered to avoid enemies' eyes and lower the chance to be ambushed.

Take advantage of the environment

Apex Legends Tip

Relying solely on your skills doesn't always work unless you are a world top player. It is considered wise to avoid as much fighting as possible by avoiding the open area, but if you can't, it's just as good to take advantage of the environment around you to block enemies' firepower to minimize the damage they can cause to you. In most cases, if you and your enemies' equipment is fairly equal, you can always take them down by hitting more bullets. So keep this in mind every time you face your opponents, even a rock can save your match if used wisely.

Move while shooting, but do so deliberately

Standing still and fire at your enemy is not a good choice since you are easily get hit in exchange for better accuracy. On the other hand, moving frantically around won't help with your aiming and while you can confuse inexperienced players, you also can't hit them at all. So the best tactics would be moving unpredictably and constantly but only stop when you get the aiming on point to ensure that your enemy is hit. Be consistent with this strategy and you will find that it's actually really effective along with improving your skills and sense of firing.

Surprise your opponents

It's a common thing that whenever a player finds that his opponent is approaching in one direction, he will always tend to care about that certain direction, leaving other directions uncovered. So take this as your advantage, when you approach to attack the opponents' formation, you can constantly change your direction to surprise them. This includes flanking, ambushing, simply by changing your cover or position around the battlefield.

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Don't compromise your position

Of course, surprising your enemy will earn you a great advantage during the fights, but being tactical for flanking and ambushing in exchange for sacrificing your good position is not worth it. This can become particularly bad if you choose to separate from your teammates, trying to make a surprise attack then realizing that you are revealed to the enemies and die alone.

Don't waste your time and life in the battles

Gunfights can sometimes inevitable, but to be honest, sometimes they are as useless as dangerous. Exchanging damage with another team will lead both of the teams vulnerable, easier to be defeated with scattered power and equipment, and that makes a good chance for a 3rd team to jump in and clear all. If that's something you don't want, then immediately retreat after you realize that the gunfight is needlessly long and exhausting.

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It's great to be the third team in the fight

Sometimes being sneaky can be a great tactic. If you are not strong and well-equipped enough, taking cover while 2 other teams are trying to take down one another and then jump in at the end to take everything you want and you will be granted with great equipment. A good way to do this is that focus on taking down 1 team at a time, and keep in mind that surprise is key for this type of ambush.

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