Arc of Alchemist is an upcoming tactical-action RPG title from Idea Factory International. Recently, its publisher has announced a delay in its official launch. Instead of this summer, we should expect Arc of Alchemist at some point this winter, on PS4. Check out the teaser trailer as below:

At the same time, the game would only be available in the NA region, digital-only, on PlayStation Network. Meanwhile, European gamers could still play the game from the retail version of it. Also, Arc of Alchemist will only feature Japanese voiceovers. This is a major setback from the original announcement, which included dual-audio support.

Arc Of Alchemist
Believe it or not, Arc Of Alchemist will be digital-only in the NA region.

According to Idea Factory International, they promised in a tweet to provide additional news relating to the title. We believe that it should be a release via PC port. Why? Because Idea Factory is famous for bringing their games to PC, with typical examples being Super Neptunia RPG as well as Death end re;Quest.

Key Features

Arc Of Alchemist
In general, Arc of Alchemist shall incorporate both base-building and combat elements.

Let’s go through some key features of the game, shall we?

  • To rule them all, it’s time you master the four unique orbs of Water, Fire, Earth and Wind. Exploit the elemental weaknesses of your enemies for critical attacks!
  • Hack n’ Slash flicks – Arc of Alchemist is all about actions, skills, weapons and elemental attacks. Find suitable strategies to defeat your enemies at ease.
  • Get In Formation – Fight with Quinn and the others. Explore the never-ending desert, filled with robotic, ancient enemies. Assign the right role to each character and arrange an appropriate formation to achieve victory.
  • Master of Bases – Build a strong base and upgrade your facilities! Equip epic weapons and set up strategic action commands to defeat your foes.

For more information, feel free to visit its official website here. As for now, take a look at the following screenshots of the game :

Arc Of Alchemist
Here's some combat visuals from Arc of Alchemist.

Arc Of Alchemist
Meanwhile, this screenshot displays the base-building element of the game.