After the latest updates in GTA Online, fans have been discussing how the new vehicles seem to have been “backported” from GTA 6. The first GTA 6 trailer showed many vehicles that were not in GTA V or GTA Online.

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Fans think Rockstar is bringing GTA 6 cars to GTA V Online.

Since then, Rockstar Games put those cars in the game. This made fans think Rockstar is bringing GTA 6 cars to GTA V Online. It was a big topic when Bottom Dollar Bounties and The Chop Shop came out. But an expert explained it's actually the opposite.

Monkeypolice188, a GTA community member and 3D artist who creates mods for GTA V and administers the GTA Wiki, used Twitter to show that these claims were not true.

The answer is NO.

The creator points out that it wouldn't make sense for Rockstar to use the new high-quality models in GTA Online. The processes for creating vehicles are different: they first make a car for GTA Online and then improve it for GTA 6. Specifically, significant upgrades are expected for the interiors, as shown in leaked videos before.

Many of the new vehicles we're seeing were initially intended for the canceled 2020 Cops ‘n’ Crooks DLC. Monkeypolice188 cites the Bravado Gauntlet Interceptor as an example.

“None, because they don’t backport content. The vehicles are made for V/O before they’re improved for VI. That’s a logical workflow. We have yet to see any vehicle that’s been seen in VI before it’s been in V/O, and that’s why,” said Monkeypolice188.

A fan who disagrees with Monkeypolice188's explanation argued that the new cars have much higher detail compared to previous vehicles in GTA V. The fan pointed out that in GTA Online, vehicles like the Declasse Tulip use simulated Ambient Occlusion gaps for door seams. However, in GTA 6, the Tulip features actual physical gaps.

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Nothing is ported from GTA 6.

Another example provided by Monkeypolice188 is the brand new Übermacht Niboe. This vehicle exhibits greater detail compared to previous cars introduced in GTA Online over the past decade. Nevertheless, according to Monkeypolice188, this is primarily aimed at facilitating easier upgrades for GTA 6. The artist shared more examples on his Twitter page to support this perspective. You can visit their account to check them out.