Demon Pit is an intense arena shooter with the arcade-style and a classic FPS aesthetic in the 90s. The story of Demon Pit is quite basic, and it centers around the game's main character who is sent to Hell and confined to the pit, which might remind you of DOOM.

Digerati is the publisher of Demon Pit.

In the game, you will come with a soul grapple and a series of ranged weapons. And your task is fighting and outmaneuvering countless groups of demons in a space that change constantly. 

So can you survive in that world? How long can your life last before the demons rip off your flesh & appropriate your soul out of your body? 

The game reminds us of classic FPS games in the 90s.

The release of Demon Pit is a collaboration between two developers, Psychic Software and DoomCube. Both these developers are located in Galway, the Republic of Ireland. 

The music of Demon Pit written by the composer Thomas O'Boyle will remind us about the FPS classics in the 90s. In particular, the game is a combination of retro-authentic low poly 3D graphics and unbelievably hardcore skill-based gameplay.

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You can play Demon Pit on various platforms.

Your main tasks when playing Demon Pit:

- Fight with ten kinds of gruesome hellspawn.

- Use seven weapons to repel a large group of demons.

- Use your soul grapple to go through the arena & avoid the oncoming legion quickly. Master movement to survive in a continually changing world and its hazards.

- Continually kill the enemies to maintain your multiplier alive & compete for the leaderboard.

Check out the following trailer of Demon Pit to get more details!

Demon Pit will be available on various platforms, including PC (Steam), PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One later this year, in the 3rd or 4th quarter.