Have you ever want to be the mighty god that build up the whole civilization for the Earth? If the answer is yes, then congratulation! Before We Leave is coming to PC really soon, and it will make your dreams come true!

The developer and also the publisher - Balancing Monkey Games has given us an announcement on the release date. Apart from that, there's also a gameplay trailer too, which you can watch below:

Enjoy your cozy comfy moments with Before We Leave

In Before We Leave, you'll have chances to build up the whole civilization on your planet. At the start, you'll take responsibilities on a planet which the surface has been abandoned. After a long period of hiding in the underground, your people finally come back on the ground.

Before We Leave Gameplay Trailer 5
The people have just back from the underworld, so there's nothing there

However, they've forgotten about all the civilization they used to have, and your quest is to remind them about it. Beginning with building huts, harvesting potatoes, you'll plant up the modern buildings and makes your people living peacefully.

Before We Leave Gameplay Trailer 3
Building the whole civilization from scratch

Unfortunately, one of the things that make your people so terrified that they must hide under the ground is always there. They are natural disasters, and they have always threatened your new old world. Your duty is to handle those disasters precisely and keep your people happy ever after.

Before We Leave Gameplay Trailer 1
Protect your planet from natural disasters

That's all the thing you have to do 'before you leave'. Later in the game when you've finished your job on one planet, you'll depart to another one in the solar system. But the threat in the vast space is even more terrifying. You will have to face a giant space whale that's really want to eat your breakfast, and the Ancient guardians on those new planets won't let you take over that easily.

Before We Leave Gameplay Trailer 4
Make your own planet network

"Manage resources, discover ancient tech and create a multi-planet network of colonies to thrive in your solar system" - that's all you have to do in this violent-free building title!

The release date

The developer has stated on Steam that the game will come out "once it's done baking". This means we don't know exactly when the game is coming out yet.

However, you can add it to your wishlist on Steam now to get notified when the game releases!