Shooting and slashing don't often go together in a 2D platformer, but Black Future '88 is different. It does not only allows you to blast your enemies off with a series of upgradable guns but also requires you to use your melee moves precisely against hostiles enemies!

The game has been revealed for two years, and I'm completely shocked at how stunning the dark world full of neon light looks. And now, as the developer SuperScarySnakes and the publisher Good Shepherd has promised, Black Future '88 is now available for PC.

To celebrate this launch, the publisher has been running a 10% discount on the game, and also released another gameplay trailer. You can have a look at the beautiful fast-paced combats in Black Future '88 in the video below:

The story of Black Future '88

Black Future '88 takes the settings of a futuristic world, where the history was frozen at the year of 1988 due to a nuclear. To be more specific, Duncan - the tower maker - has dropped his first nuclear bomb in the summer of 1988, making the entire world suffer from major destruction. Even worse, by the end of that year, the sun has stopped shining, and the world only sees endless rain now.

Black Future 88 Launch Steam Gog 3
The only weather on Earth now is nuclear rain

As we don't have the sun anymore, the future of the Earth is now all black, and human history has stuck in the '88's darkness due to the inability to count days and night. Not only does humankind is struggling from this disaster, but their lives are also left in minutes, as the extreme floods are threatening to wipe out the last man standing on Earth.

The only hope for the human race now is somehow stopping the wicked architect - Duncan from his evil nuclear jobs. Stepping into the shoes of the last misfit survivors on Earth, you'll have to risk your life ascending his tower, just to find the only glimmering hope of killing Duncan.

Black Future 88 Launch Steam Gog 6
Climbing the tower to find and kill Duncan before it's too late

In this scenario, dying is the only way to survive!

Gameplay features

As I've mentioned, Black Future '88 is a2D action shooting game with roguelike elements, which requires you to climb up the tower to fulfill your sacred missions of saving human kinds. Featuring insanely fast-paced gameplay, you will experience your adrenaline levels rising to the top with not only the combats but also the upbeat electrical music as well!

Black Future 88 Launch Steam Gog 1
Black Future '88 is insanely fast-paced

To be more specific, you'll choose one from 5 playable characters for this journey to death. Each of them has different skillsets and stats, which will decide how you'll approach this tower ascending journey. The tower is procedurally generated, so no second adventure is going to be the same.

Scattering over the tower are Duncan's machine minions, which will threaten you with their heavy firepower and numbers, so you'll have to put your dodging and fighting skills to a real test. The control in this game is quite simple, with the normal dashing and jumping moves, as well as a button to shoot using your gun and to slash using your advanced melee weapons.

Black Future 88 Launch Steam Gog 2
Your laser sword comes very handy when you're out of bullet

Speaking about the weapons, Black Future '88 features over 50 types of weapons, including the handy slow pistols to the powerful laser gun. And don't forget your trusty laser sword which you can make use of in certain situations. Basing on your playstyle, you'll have to choose a suitable combination for better effects.

Last but not least, the game also features the blessing and curse elements, which empowers you with certain boosts while taking away some of your stats in exchange.

Black Future 88 Launch Steam Gog 4
Try to get as many blessings and avoid curses as you can

Release date

Black Future '88 is available for PC now via Steam and GOG.

Black Future 88 Launch Steam Gog 5
Black Future '88 has come out for PC via Steam and GOG

The GOG version is DRM-free, which means you can download the game and try it everywhere even when you're offline. The Steam version is under 10% sale, which cuts its price down to $17.99.