The first part of the Minecraft Caves and Cliffs update is here. Alongside tons of changes terrain-wise, this patch also adds several craftable items into the sandbox world. The candles in Minecraft are one of those items that we actually think would look very cool in your base. No more boring torches or the same old lantern, it's time to bring out the romantic candles!

Let's take a look at everything you need to know about candles in Minecraft.

Minecraft Candles Dyed
Light up your base in style!

What are Candles in Minecraft?

Candles are newly introduced items in the 1.17 update of Minecraft that rolled out just a couple of days earlier. This will be the new light source in the game that can be turned on and off. However, to light candles up, you will need an item that generates fire sparks, aka flint and steel. Water will extinguish candles.

Minecraft Candles
Light a candle with flint and steel, put it out with water.

Candles in Minecraft emit a level 3 light, which isn't that bright. However, they do display fire particles on burning and they look nice! You can also place a candle on a cake to make it a Candle Cake and celebrate with your friends safely.

How to Make Candles in Minecraft?

In order to make one candle in Minecraft, players must have string and honeycomb, then put them in the crafting table in the right order together with specific dyes. You can create candles of any colour with 16 different dyes.

Here are the detailed ingredients and guidelines to craft a candle in Minecraft.

  • 1 String
  • 1 Honeycomb

Strings can be collected by killing spiders, looting, or breaking them from spiderwebs. The honeycomb will be a little more tricky. Players have to shear a beehive at level 5 to get it. And the angry bees will attack you if you do so.

Minecraft Bees
Watch out for these guys.

Put the ingredients you have collected into the Crafting Table following the recipe below to make a candle. Also, you can change the color of the candle with any of the 16 available dyes in the game! A dyed candle still emits the same fire particles, though.

Minecraft Candle Recipe
Candle recipe in Minecraft

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