Cyberpunk 2077, one of the most hyped games of this decade, has finally been released, with a fairly decent character creator. At the start of the game, Life Path is probably the most important choice besides attributes - it plays a great part in immersing your character in the world of Night City.

Cyberpunk 2077

In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about Cyberpunk 2077 Life Paths and the differences between them.

1 - The main differences between Cyberpunk 2077 Life Paths

There are 3 life paths you can pick in CP2077. Each of them would give your V a unique backstory, which affects your playthrough and dialogue choices greatly. The differences are:

  • A unique "prologue" chapter, each about 25 mins in length... involving different characters and locations to introduce you to the world of Cyberpunk.
  • Access to exclusive side quests of that life path.
  • How you know or meet Jackie Welles will be different in each of the prologues.
Cyberpunk 2077 which life path to choose?
Cyberpunk 2077 which life path to choose to get the best experience?
  • Additional dialogue choices in various quests in your playthrough. The Nomad Life Path would let you gain information from other NPC in the same faction... and let you have more sway when it comes to machinery and vehicles. Corpo would be good at dealing with the corporation businesses and the like.
  • Life Paths actually does not influence any romance options in Cyberpunk 2077 - they are influenced by the body type and even the voice tone of your character. Rumors about Cyberpunk 2077 life path romance are incorrect.

2 - Which Life Paths to pick?

Overall, they are more or less "roleplay" options with no effect on actual gameplay. After the prologue ends, all three paths would lead to the same starting point in which you would do the main missions like normal. We would list out the details of all 3 lifepaths in the below list.

Life Path Looks
The styles of each life paths would be a lot different

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If you are interested in being a professional, a cog of the corporation wheels that runs the majority of the Cyberpunk settings, this Life Path is for you.

  • This prologue would see your character start as an employee of Arasaka Corporations, one of the top 5 biggest companies in the world. Your trusted friend Jackie would aid you in the backstabbing world of corporates.
  • Picking this Life Path will give you unique dialogue options when dealing with Arasaka and other corporations' employees. You would run into them very frequently... as they are pretty much "corporate government" in Cyberpunk.
Cyberpunk 2077 Corporate
  • The downside of this life path is that you would have problems in dealing with people in the Badlands and the streets of Night City due to your lack of knowledge - those three "Categories" can probably be used on all characters in the game.


If you pick the "Nomad" life path, your starting point would be in the outskirts of Badlands rather than in Night City. You would be a "country bumpkin" and will not be familiar with the city at all.

  • This prologue would revolve around your meeting with Jackie for the first time - who would aid you in smuggling contraband goods through a checkpoint of the NCPD. You won't be stuck in the prologue for long - the real game would begin after 30 minutes.
Nomad Lifestyle
  • V's knowledge of the Badlands would let him earn the trust of fellow Nomads and work better on vehicles and machinery. His lack of knowledge about the city would make you unable to get optional dialogue choices in the first arc of the game... as you will mainly be dealing with corporations and street gangs.

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Street Kid

If you select the Street Kid Life Path, V would be part of the Street Gangs of Night City growing up... and have a lot of experiences working with them.

  • While V is part of a street gang... he's actually not from this city - he returned from Atlanta to help a friend in need.
  • You would have an easier time in the first part of the game... as V won't be viewed as an outsider by the numerous gang members in Night City. You would get dialogue options that show your knowledge about gangs and their activities, gaining information that other Life Paths don't have access to.
Street Kid Life Style
Street Kid
  • You would be at a disadvantage when dealing with the two other groups, of course.

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