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The clock is ticking as fans and followers of Daemon x Machina are waiting impatiently for the title’s official release. In fact, we are only days away from getting the anime mech-fighting game, on Sep 13th. You’ve heard it right; the game is coming to Nintendo Switch in less than 10 days, inviting players to join epic battles ahead.

Daemon x Machina
The long wait is almost over: Daemon x Machina is coming soon to Nintendo Switch.

At the moment, we have just received a Japanese trailer from publisher Marvelous. Needless to say, the trailer hyped things up even more for their upcoming dramatic-looking action game. Here it is:

Daemon x Machina overview

Daemon x Machina starts off with the ongoing war of a planet that collided with a moon in a terrible incident. Because of such disaster, all A.I. turned against humanity, dragging the people into an undesirable war.

In the brink of destruction, The Outers become the last hope of humanity. They are units of highly-skilled mech pilots, designed to carry out dangerous missions. Against the ruthless Army of Immortals full of A.I., they must risk their lives to turn the tide of the battle.

Daemon X Machina
Early artwork of Daemon x Machina.

In case the above trailer was too cinematic for you, we’ve got another one for you. In this 2nd trailer, Daemon x Machina shows off in-game combats as well as the customization system. Take a look at it as below:

As you can see, players will fight in battles full of drones that scavenge parts from the enemies to power their abilities. In fact, you won’t be fighting the machines all on your own. Daemon x Machina supports a maximum of four players to play in a single co-op match. Gather your friends and team up to assert dominance against the senseless A.I.

Daemon x Machina comes to Nintendo Switch this September 13th – you definitely don’t want to miss it.