Last July, we have informed you of a space-adventure game named Deliver Us The Moon. At that point, the developer KeoKeN has decided to reveal the game to celebrate 50 years since humankind left their first footsteps on the moon.

However, at that point, we don't have much information about the gameplay of Deliver Us The Moon due to the rush reveal. Now, as the developer is more ready, we do not only have gameplay trailer but an official release date as well.

Here's the beautiful trailer, which you should give a look to catch the vibes before getting into our overview:

The story of Deliver Us The Moon

In our previous article, we've mentioned what will happen in this game. However, in case you've missed it, here's the summary of that story:

Deliver Us The Moon takes the settings of a near-future world, where the Earth is running out of resources. As a result, humans now have to seek them in outer space. Many countries have joined hands to form the World Space Agency (WSA) - an organization responsible to solve this crisis.

Deliver Us The Moon Gets An Official Release Date
World Space Agency has made a station on the Moon

Through researches, WSA has come up with a solution: settle in the Moon and utilize the energy resources of Helium-3 to meet the Earth's need. The organization has set up a station here to conduct this project, but suddenly, it has lost its communication with the earth. Consequently, the Earth now doesn't have the energy supply from the Moon anymore.

Years later, as the situation has become worse, the governments have decided to get together again to fulfill a new mission: re-connect with the Moon to recover the energy supply to save the human race.

Deliver Us The Moon Gets An Official Release Date
You'll have to explore the Moon again to re-establish the Helium-3 energy resource

That's where you - an astronaut - will embark a journey in a dark and hostile environment with a lot of dangerous things waiting to power up the base.

Special gameplay features

First of all, Deliver Us The Moon portrays the real environmental problems existing on Earth. To be more specific, climate change, population overgrowth and the depletion of natural resources are major problems that the world has to suffer right now. Hopefully, this game will open up some new ideas for solutions in real life.

Secondly, according to the developer, players will experience this game through both first- and third-person perspective. Further information about this feature is not revealed yet, but to my guess, there will be a toggle to switch between two viewpoints. However, we will have to wait until October 10 to find out.

Deliver Us The Moon Gets An Official Release Date

Nevertheless, through Deliver Us The Moon, you might be able to experience the job of an astronaut. You will embark your journey on the lunar landscape in zero-gravity, by hopping, using rover or monorail. However, your trip is not going to be ordinary, as you'll find out what happened with the previous expenditures through the ruins of the station.

Deliver Us The Moon Gets An Official Release Date
Use modern technology to find out what happened with the previous crew

Staying alive in this situation is very difficult, as your Oxygen tank is not infinite, as well as the dangers always lurk in the endless void of Space. The breath-taking soundtracks will add more sauces to this eerie atmosphere, absorbing you to this game without your consent.

Last but not least, as the game is powered by Unreal Engine 4 and support RTX, you can expect the visuals and control in Deliver Us The moon to be splendid!

Deliver Us The Moon Gets An Official Release Date
If you have an RTX GPU (or GTX 1660Ti), you can turn GTX options on to see the major lighting upgrades!


Release date and supported platforms

As you can see from the thumbnail of the trailer, Deliver Us The Moon is coming out for PC through on October 10. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will also receive the game, but you'll have to wait until 2020.

Previously, Wired Productions - the publisher of the game - has announced that there will be a DLC called "Tombaugh", which will be free for everyone owning the game on PC. However, from the introduction on its Steam page, it seems that this DLC will be included in the main game from the start.