Deliver Us the Moon was one of the most interesting games to release last year, driven by a compelling plot, great graphics, and an atmospheric soundtrack.

It is not surprising why there is an enthusiastic community out there waiting for the console's port to enjoy the game on the big screens. But there has been an administrative change in the project: The game will now be released with the aid of Wired Productions instead of Starbreeze.

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Deliver Us the Moon will now hit retail stores and consoles through the help of Wired Productions.

New Partnership

The game was developed and released by KeoKeN, under the title Deliver Us the Moon: Fortuna on PC via Steam. At that time, KeoKeN initially announced that they had partnered up with Starbreeze as the publisher.

However, just a few days prior, KeoKeN announced that Starbreeze has pulled out of the partnership and was replaced by Wired Productions instead. The partnership between KeoKeN and Starbreeze ended in good terms when Starbreeze hit a rocky spot in its finance department last August.

Explaining the reason they chose Wired Productions as a different partner, Koen Deetman - the game director involved with Deliver Us the Moon said that while it is difficult to find good people and publishers in the usually chaotic game industry, they think they have found the place where their game could reach full potential with Wired Productions.

Moon Pic 1
Will the game prosper or fail under the wing of Wired Productions? Only time can tell.

Deliver Us The Moon Delivers Topical Theme

Wired Productions can’t be more enthusiastic with the prospect of working alongside KeoKeN in developing Deliver Us the Moon for its topical theme.

The plot of the game coincides with the hotly debated topic of climate change. And furthermore, this year marked the 50th anniversary of the day Neil Armstrong hopped down the capsule onto the Moon’s surface. So, the game’s setting on the Moon couldn’t be any better for marketing.

01 Deliver Us The Moon
Climate change has transformed the face of Earth and the Moon is humanity's only shot at survival.

In Deliver Us the Moon, you take on the role of an astronaut embarking alone into the shadows of a Moon. The massive base you would be exploring throughout the game was built as humanity’s attempt to combat climate change. In the timeline of the game, climate change was so bad it has already upscaled into a crisis.

The base has gone dark many years before due to unknown reasons. What you have to do is restoring power and all systems to the facility. And maybe in your quest, you could also try and discover the fate of the crews and what had truly transpired at the installation.

Deliver Us The Moon Promoshot 2016 1920x1043 1 144
Alone in space, your job is to explore the carcass of an abandoned Moon installation and discover the story of the ill-fated crews.

The Tombaugh expansion for the game will be free for the claim to all those who already own the game on PC. Deliver Us the Moon is set to release for PS4 and Xbox One in 2019.