In the land that suffers from an average of 1,500 earthquakes, scaling from the magnitude of 6.0 to higher, it's sure that their games about natural disasters are very detailed. People living in Japan might have been used to this since they've been experiencing small tremors almost every day. However, for the newcomers, to get used to this kind of horror is not going to be easy at all.

Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories is a game about this issue from the Japanese developer Granzella, which was previously launched inside Japan in 2018. And now, it's heading to the other parts of the world to show how devastating the natural disaster in Japan is. It's an exploration-survival game featuring the choice-driven mechanics that will bring you the memories that only you can have.

Below is the trailer for this announcement, which you can have a look to feel how realistic the game is:

The concept of Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories

Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories takes the settings of modern Japan in the year 201x. There's no sci-fi, no fantasy, no fictional things in this game, so you can experience the streets and the life of people in Japan in the most realistic way possible. And of course, it's not going to be Japan without the earthquakes that happen on a regular basis.

Disaster Report 4 Pc Switch Ps4 1
The catastrophic earthquake has destroyed the streets of Japan

You'll step in the shoes of a player-customized main character, who has just come to the city for a job interview. It's July - the middle of Summer when earthquakes are most severe in the year, and what should come has come. A huge earthquake takes place, destroying the entire city. The catastrophe killed a lot of people in building collapses as well as trapping a lot of people inside the destroyed city by blocking escaping roads.

Disaster Report 4 Pc Switch Ps4 5
People are trapped in the city after the earthquake strikes

You're very lucky not to get injured in the incident, and now, you'll have to experience the harshness of the life of Japanese, while finding a way to escape with the help of the ones that you've saved. How will your Summer end?

Gameplay features

Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories is a third-person exploration-survival game, where you will wander in the tarnished city of Japan. Your main objective is to find a way to get out of here, while staying alive by finding necessary items for daily lives.

First thing first, you will be able to create and customize your own character. From the body elements like facial contours, hairstyle and skin colors to the outfits, you can create every one you would like to play with, whether you like a typical office worker or a fashionista at work.

Disaster Report 4 Pc Switch Ps4 3
You can customize your character in almost every way

After that, you'll head into the devastated city in the third-person perspective. Players have to guide their character searching around the city for necessary items like foods and water to stay alive, and then help the injuries on the way. Encountering with those characters is the mandatory part of the game, which will open up your route of escaping.

Disaster Report 4 Pc Switch Ps4 4
Wandering around the city to find a way out

Every NPC in this game has their own stories and situations, which forms their personalities. Hence, not all of them will ask you for help, but some might actually help you or impolitely give you rude words. Of course, you have your own choices to, whether to help them, receive their help or just ignore them. That all depends on you but will affect the outcomes of your summer journey.

Disaster Report 4 Pc Switch Ps4 2
Helping other people in needs will affect your escaping route

Last but not least, apart from consuming food and water, you'll sometimes have to share it with the other survivors. The game also takes personal hygiene into accounts as well, as you can use the public toilet to keep your cleanliness parameter up. That's the civilized lifestyle that the Japanese are known for!

Release date and supported platforms

Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories will come out for PC, PS4 and Switch all over the world on April 7.