The Nether is indeed scary. Every Minecraft player knows that this hellish realm is full of mysterious creatures and dangerous lava. After exploring the overworld, you will soon get to this realm to progress in the game.

Many new players seem to have troubles especially when they have never entered this realm. It can be accessed by a mortal made of obsidian blocks and they are greeted with an odd biome and other mobs as soon as they pass that gate.

If you don’t wish to die too soon as soon as you enter Nether Minecraft, here’s a list of things you should do.

Enter Nether Minecraft
There are things beyond that which could make your adventure a bit troubling.

Mining Nether Quartz Ore blocks

While this can be less of a top priority for new Minecraft players, collecting Nether Quart ores is the only easy thing they can do in the Nether without significant consequences.

Nether Quartz Ore
Getting Nether Quartz is a way to keep you alive.

You can mine these netherrack variants to get XP points and quartz. Players with a low level of XP will see a considerable increase because these blocks can drop a lot of XP points.

Building bridges in four directions

The Nether can help you travel to many overworld locations. With 1 block in this world, you technically move 8 blocks in the world above.

Therefore, another important thing to do right after you enter Nether Minecraft is to build bridges.

Nether Bridge Min
Set up bridges to travel more easily.

Most users make straight-line bridges and another portal that helps them teleport. In fact, you can do the task in all 4 directions to extensively explore both the Overworld and the Nether.

Crouching while bridging and mining

Most new players will attempt to mine all the way through the solid walls in the Nether hoping to find new places and various types of blocks. However, this hell-like realm’s generation is irregular with unexpected lava pockets in the walls or holes on the floor.

Crouch In Minecraft
You have to stay cautious unless you have a death wish.

Hence, always crouching while moving will save you from falling to death.

Wearing golden boots

Once you enter the Nether, you will come across the Piglins which will be hostile towards those who don’t have anything golden on. Therefore, the trick is wearing any items made of gold.

Golden boots are usually most ideal as they have the smallest amount of effect on the armor’s strength. While they will not affect you much in battles, they can help you avoid the Piglins’ aggressive behaviors.

Golden Boots
Golden boots are a go-to item to stay away from Piglins.

Securing the Nether Portal

Every player in Minecraft would like to make a base in the Overworld for a safe shelter, be it a futuristic, vintage, or medieval one. You should do the same in the Nether. This is, in fact, one of the ultimate tips and tricks to survive the Nether.

The very first thing to do when you enter Nether Minecraft is secure the portal and set up a strong base around it. This strategy will ensure you stay unharmed when you choose to enter this realm again.

After protecting the portal with a base around, you can venture into this world by bridging without worrying to get lost.

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