Well, it's not literally out of nowhere. In fact, Erica was previously announced back in October 2017. And yesterday, at Gamescom 2019, the Sony Interactive Entertainment has revealed a new trailer of this live-action game.

But I don't think that the publisher is going to release their PS4-exclusive title right away! Nevertheless, here's the trailer of the game, and be sure to give it a look:

The story's summary

Erica is the product from the developer FlavourWorks. It first came out of the shadow during Sony's Paris Games Week in 2017, introduced as a PS4-exclusive title. However, since that moment, there's any further information on the game.

Erica A Live Action Interactive Thriller Suddenly
I almost think the game is dead, just like Erica's father

Now, Erica is back, and it's not only a trailer but an official release indeed! If you have forgotten all about the game, here's the summary on the game's story:

Erica is a brave young girl with a saddening past. Her father was murdered, making her stuck in the nightmares. However, recent clues have opened up parts of the truth behind her father's death. Hence, Erica has to throw herself in the traumatic events again to figure out the shocking mystery of the devastating tragedy.

Erica takes the interactive approach to story-telling

Erica is a heavy-narrative game, but it doesn't take the common way of telling stories. Instead, it gives players a special approach, where players can directly choose what happens with the main character. To be more specific, you can choose how Erica interacts with other characters, therefore change the attitudes towards her.

Erica A Live Action Interactive Thriller Suddenly
The fingerprints mark the interactions you're performing

Furthermore, every choice you make will change the flows of the story and end up with different endings. The whole footages of the story will appear in forms of high-quality Hollywood production, so you can enjoy playing your game while seeing the whole emotional story of Erica.

Erica A Live Action Interactive Thriller Suddenly
Ready to face the consequences?

Another special thing about Erica's gameplay is that you can interact with the game through both the DUALSHOCK®4 controller or though mobile touchscreens. The interactions are widely ranged, from wiping the steam off the mirror, lift a needle and put it onto vinyl and even hide in a corner to spy on conversations.

Not only wide in range, but the quality of the interactions is also very high as well. The developer has polished every detail in the game, to the point that you can even control how slowly you can open the door.

Erica A Live Action Interactive Thriller Suddenly
You can decide how slowly you can open the door

Erica is available now on PlayStation Store at the price of $9.99.