Gibraltar Apex Legends has seen a sharp increase in his pick after a wide array of changes to him. However, many players have been neglecting on him for a long time and might have forgotten how this Apex Legends character works.

gibraltar apex legends
Apex Legends Gibraltar Wallpaper

That's a sad story for this legend! That's why today, Gurugamer will bring you the complete Apex Gibraltar guide for you! With proper play, Gibraltar can give you a lot of utility and will lead you to the final victory.

Without further ado, let's dig in the Gibraltar Apex Legends instruction now:

Gibraltar Apex Legends Bio

To be able to understand and pay some love to this guy, we need a brief overlook on Gibraltar's bio. The full biography of Gibraltar is available on EA's main site. But if you're too lazy, here's the short summary on this tough guy's lore for you:

Gibraltar's full name is Makoa Gibraltar. The 30-year-old man is a wild and huge man but with a devoted heart. Gibraltar is the son of two SARAS (Search and Rescue Association of Solace), and his parent has trained him well to be a great rescuer. He has succeeded various time in getting others out of the sticky deadly situation - the common ones in the Outlands.

gibraltar apex legends
Gibraltar is a great rescuer and protector

But little as you know, his devotion comes from an event in the past. Gibraltar Apex Legends backstory dates back to the that he played truant. He and his boyfriend stole his father's motorbike and give it a ride, but somehow got stuck in a deadly mudslide.

His parents finally found them saved them from the disaster, but his father has to pay an arm for his effort. Feeling extremely penitent for his mistakes, Gibraltar decided to commit all his life to help the people in needs.

Gibraltar Apex Legends
Gibraltar dedicated his life to helping the people in need

However, his journey in the Apex Games has just begun. As his friend started to join the Games to get money, fame and glory, Gibraltar also has to join in to protect them. At there, his skills as a rescuer finally have a place to shine, making him an icon in the Apex Games.

From that moment, he will devote his life, getting into the frontline to protect his squad and chase down his opponents.

Gibraltar Apex Legends
"Try to move me; it'll be fun." *laughs* - Gibraltar quotes

Gibraltar's state in Apex Legends

Gibraltar is the free legend that you can unlock just by start playing the base game.

However, Gibraltar has been out of the favor of many Apex Legends gamers since he officially made his debut. The reasons behind this Gibraltar's abandonment is due to his ridiculously big hitboxes.

gibraltar apex costume
Gibraltar has the biggest hitbox in Apex Legends

However, with the changes that came out with Season 1 on  March 19, Apex Legends Gibraltar hitbox has been fixed. Additionally, the developer has made an effort to make up for his being neglected by buffing Gibraltar Apex Legends shield and reduce the damage that he would take.

That means it's the perfect time to start grinding with Gibraltar now, as he's definitely at his best state of all times!

Gibraltar Apex Legends abilities: Passive, Tactical, Ultimate, and how to combine them

Believe it or not, Gibraltar has the strongest abilities in the game right now. Let's get into the specific information about them and how they interact with each other right now:

1. Tactical Ability

Dome of Protection - Throw down a dome-shield that blocks attacks for 15 seconds.

- Duration: 15 seconds
- Cooldown: 20 seconds
- You can use the shield to protect and as you revive a downed ally.
- Blocks all incoming and outgoing damage.

His Tactical Ability is basically a huge bubble shield that blocks all bullets in and out. In the match, it is very handy when you need to revive your teammate while under the fire from distance. It's also applicable in combat, but it's quite hard to deploy it precisely with moving characters.

Gibraltar Apex Legends
Gibraltar Abilities: Dome of Protection

This shield is very useful and lasts quite long as well, but you should watch out while using it. First, it blocks both the opponents' bullets, but it also blocks you and your team's fire from the inside as well. Furthermore, it doesn't prevent your enemies from getting through the shield and shoot you from the inside!

So be sure to check your surround carefully before deploying it, or you might dig your own tomb!

2. Passive Ability

Gun Shield - Aiming down sights deploys a gun shield that blocks incoming fire.

- The Gun Shield Blocks 100 Damage

This shield will automatically pop up when you aim down the sights. It is quite useful when you want to aim properly with bullets from your front.

Gibraltar Apex Legends
Gibraltar Abilities: Gun Shield

However, unlike the Tactical shield that makes you totally invulnerable to any bullets from all directions, this Gibraltar Apex Legends shield is quite lackluster. It only blocks 100 damage, and after reaching its threshold, the shield will break and you're left on your own.

Nevertheless, 100 damage is very decent for a mobile shield, so we can't just ask for more! And also, the shield is very bright, so don't bring it up when you are trying to be sneaky.

3. Ultimate Ability

Defensive Bombardment - Call in a concentrated mortar strike on a marked position.

- Duration ~ 8s
- Charge Time ~ 270s
- Shellshock Duration ~ 4s
- Delay after using Flare ~ 2s
- Damage ~ 40s
- Mortar Strike deals damage and shellshock

Finally, the ability that makes him really imba! Gibraltar Apex Legends Ultimate is basically the enhanced version of Bangalore's ultimate. Bangalore's ultimate can still miss if the players somehow run out of the area before the missile explodes. But with Gibraltar, that scenario will never become real, as the Flare explode immediately.

Gibraltar Apex Legends ultimate
Gibraltar Abilities: Defensive Bombardment

And apart from all the damage and effects output, this ultimate work perfectly well with his tactical ability.

To be more specific, its area of effect is bigger than the bubble shield of Dome of Protection, so you can just deploy your shield to cover your teammates, then simultaneously call in your mortar strike. If doing so, you can blow up every enemy while still protect your teammates from the falling damage.

Here's the trailer from showing Gibraltar Apex Legends abilities, which you can see for yourself:

Comparing Gibraltar hitbox to other legends

Apex Gibraltar hitbox is the biggest one in the game when it released. Specifically, it used to be 140% bigger than Wraith! That's why no ones want to play him despite the utter utilities that he can provide.

However, with the change in the first season of the Apex Legends battle pass, his hitbox is decently smaller. We can't know for sure how he compares with other legends now, but we can tell for sure that he's a lot slimmer in terms of hitbox.

Gibraltar Apex Legends
Apex Legends Gibraltar hitbox meme

Consequently, he can now use his skills to protect his teammates, not his huge body anymore!

Gibraltar Apex Legends: Conclusion

With his fascinating backstory and very unique and useful abilities, Gibraltar is by far the most worth-playing legends in Apex Legends at this moment.

With his absurd power, Gibraltar might have to face some nerfs in the next season, so let's exploit his power right now when he's still strong!

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