Talking about classic games, we cannot help but mentioning the iconic Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. That's the game everyone grows up with. It was so popular that Rockstar Games even released a mobile version of it for you to enjoy at any time. What made the game so much fun was the cheat codes. They grant players god-like abilities, infinite ammunition, and cool vehicles to trash the city with. To help you relive the fond childhood memory, here are Grand Theft Auto Vice City cheat codes for helicopter, and more!

What are GTA Vice City cheat codes?

Cheat codes have always been a major part of any Grand Theft Auto game. They add another layer of experience to the franchise's gameplay by offering players all the tools they need to dominate the open-world they're in. Some may say using cheat codes is boring but we think it's a super cool feature.

Gta Vice City
Cheat codes are GTA staples.

Not only cheat codes can get you out of a sticky situation but they also enable impossible things. Let's say want you to change the weather in GTA Vice City to sunny, you cannot do it without cheat codes. Cheats just open a whole world of possibilities for you to enjoy.

Gta Vice City Cheat Bike
Nothing beats a GTA classic.

So, what are GTA Vice City cheat codes? They're a sequence of characters or commands that when combined, will activate something in the game. For example, by using GTA Vice City cheats for money, players will have an unlimited amount of money in the game. The same rule applies for ammunition, god-like power, and for the sake of this article, a helicopter.

How to use GTA Vice City cheat codes?

Activating Grand Theft Auto Vice City cheat codes is actually very easy. All you have to remember is to save the game before you enter any cheat codes. They can trigger bugs or cause you to lose all of your progress. So we always recommend being extra careful.

Gta Vice City Cheats
Just stand still and enter cheat codes in the right order.

Once the game is saved, go into your GTA Vice City session and pop any cheat code you want. There's no need for mods that make absolutely no sense, just enter the codes in the right sequence. If you succeed, there will be a small pop-up indicating cheat activation. Repeat the same process if you didn’t see the pop-up.

GTA Vice City cheat codes for helicopter

Everyone knows what a helicopter is now. Many new installments of the GTA franchise include this aircraft, but back in the days, it was something rather exciting to see. That's why so many players want to know GTA Vice City helicopter cheat PSP to have a ride. If you're keen to see what the fuzz is all about, try to spawn a helicopter yourself using the following cheat codes.

Vice City Helicopter Hunter
The Hunter Helicopter in GTA Vice City

Grand Theft Auto Vice City Cheat Codes for Helicopter on PC

  • Spawn Hunter Helicopter: AMERICAHELICOPTER
  • Spawn Aeroplane: FLYINGWAYS

Grand Theft Auto Vice City Cheats PSP Helicopter Code

Unfortunately, you cannot use cheat codes to spawn a helicopter in GTA Vice City on PlayStation Portable. The cheat code for it is actually exclusive to the PC version. Other cheats still work, just not spawning helicopters.

Vice City Helicopter
Make sure the space is big enough to spawn the Hunter.

Though the Grand Theft Auto Vice City cheats PSP helicopter code doesn't exist, players can still acquire the Hunter Helicopter in the game. There are hidden rewards that can be unlocked when you meet the requirements. And in order to get the Hunter chopper, finish the "Last Stand" mission!

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Last Stand mission in GTA Vice City

Last Stand is the final storyline mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. It's the last task to our protagonist, Victor Vance, by Ricardo Diaz from his mansion on Starfish Island, Vice City. We won't spoil any further details about this mission for you guys. We want you to have a full experience from start to finish.

After you complete the "Last Stand" mission, you will unlock the Hunter along with the side mission Skywolf at Escobar International, as well as the Winner outfit. So, remember, there is no Grand Theft Auto Vice City cheats PSP helicopter cheat code. You will have to earn it.

Gta Vice City Last Stand
Finish the "Last Stand" mission to unlock Hunter.

That's everything you need about Grand Theft Auto Vice City cheat codes for helicopter on PC and PSP. Spawning a helicopter on PC is easy, but it will take some work on other versions of the game. Make sure you bring enough firepower to shoot through the final mission!Like what you read so far? Visit our website at for more!

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