GTA 5 First Mission - GTA 5 prologue is the very first mission you get in this fantastic game. Like any other games you have played up to this time, every prologue mission is quite easy to complete. It just helps you get familiar with movements in the game like going, running, hip-fire, ADS, hiding, making phone calls, driving car/motorbike, etc.  GTA 5 first mission is not so hard, but it requires gamers several skills and tips that this instruction is going to give you. Let's get started!

Overview of GTA 5 First Mission

When you search the keywords' gta 5 first mission', 'what is the prologue in gta 5' or even a not-so-right word like 'gta 5 prolouge', you can see many results that all tell you this mission begins in Ludendorff, North Yankton nine years ago, before the main plot of GTA V. The trio of Michael Townley, Trevor Philips and Brad Snider robbed a small bank in Ludendorff in 2004. How long is the prologue in GTA 5? There are 4 parts in this first mission of the game: the bank robbery, threat assessment, escape, and gateway. Passing these four parts, you complete the mission and get a win. After the GTA V prologue mission, you watch a short video before moving to the next mission.

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GTA 5 first mission

The Story of GTA 5 Prologue Mission

After entering the bank, Michael controls the hostages and lock them in a room. Trevor blows the vault door with charges detonated by the phone's remote function. Then, Trevor collects the cash in the vault. When you go out of the vault, you see the guard arrest Michael, remove this mask, and point a gun at his head. As Trevor, you kill the guard to rescue your friend Michael. Then, Trevor and Michael run to the exit while Brad set charges on the door.

After blowing up the door and open the shutter door, the trio escapes the bank. Right away, the cops come on police cars. They fire at police officers and run away on their car while being chased by the local cops.

The car driver is killed, and Michael takes over the steering wheel. They run to helicopter designation spots and try to cross the railway, but the car is hit severely by the train and cannot run anymore. They leave the car and walk to find the chopper. However, in the village, Brad and Michael are shot by Dave Norton, an FBI agent. Michael is seriously bleeding, and he asks Trevor to leave and run away.

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Three robbers in the first mission: Trevor, Michael. Brad

On the way to escape cops, Trevor gets a female hostage and runs away. The foggy and snowy weather support him to escape the cops. At the end of the GTA 5 prologue mission, Michael comes back and sees his family holding his funeral.

Mission Objectives of GTA V Prologue

Below are seven objectives of this GTA prologue mission. Make sure you've done all of them to get the win in this round. Control three protagonists and do the task below:

  • Bind the guard (Michael)
  • Move the hostages by aiming at their heads (Michael)
  • Set the charges and detonate with the phone (Trevor)
  • Enter the vault and collect cash (Trevor)
  • Take out the guard, rescue Michael (Trevor, Michael)
  • Get to cover (Michael/ Trevor)
  • Open the shutter door (Trevor)
  • Return to crew
  • Escape the police
  • Get in the car, wait for the team
  • Drive to the helicopter designation spot (Trevor, Michael, Brad)
  • Get back in the vehicle (Trevor)
  • Hold off the cops (Trevor)

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Car chase with local policemen

After this prologue GTA 5 mission, there is a short video about Michael's funeral. But Michael's still alive, and he is watching his funeral from a distance. Then, you'll move to the next mission. Note: When you control Michael to move the hostages, do not shoot them, or you'll fail. If Michael or Trevor is arrested or killed, leave the crew, route, car, make the car break so severe that it cannot run, or drive it run out of ammo, you'll fail your GTA V prologue mission. So, be careful!

Deaths in GTA 5 First Mission

There are some deaths in GTA 5 first mission that do not make you fail. The first man is Jaspers, who points the gun at Michael and removes his mask. Another man is the unknown car driver killed by cops on the ways the trio escape and heads to the helicopter pick-up point. Brad is the third one died in this mission. The FIB agent Dave Norton in the village kills Brad and shoots Michaels also. And many local police officers are killed by three main characters in the robbery and during the chase.

Brad's death


The soundtrack of GTA V prologue mission is 'Vacuum,' also known as 'North Yankton Memories,' composed and performed by Tangerine Dream, Woody Jackson, The Alchemist, Oh No & DJ Shadow. It plays in the introduction of this mission and also at the beginning of the GTA 5 Official Gameplay Trailer. Besides, you can also hear it in three other missions of "Three's Company", "Monkey Business", "The Wrap Up", "The Big Score".

GTA 5 first mission is an easy but exciting game mission. It's the first step you must take to become a master GTA 5 gamer. Let's take the necessary skills and tips to quickly go pass and get a gold medal in GTA 5 prologue mission with this instruction.