Crystal Maze is the name GTA 5 Mission 20 that one of the three protagonists - Trevor Phillips has to complete on his own. As most of Trevor's missions, this GTA V Crystal Maze mission has a lot of gunfire, and it's very hard to complete with Gold Medal.

Hence, here is the complete instructions on how to quickly complete this mission, as well as how to get 100% Gold Medal. You can watch the video walkthrough below before reading to learn the details on GTA 5 Crystal Maze.

Summary on Crystal Maze GTA 5 mission

Trevor gets to the Yellow Jack Inn and encounters Tao Cheng - the son of the drug-dealer bosses and his interpreter. Trevor invites them out to talks about the terms, but they actually want to works with other "larger" crew. Shocked by the events, Trevor hit Tao to make them spill out who are working with them, and it turns out, they are the O'Neil Brother.

Gta 5 Mission 20 Crystal Maze Guide 8
Trevor beats Tao up to find the crew working with his father

The furious Trevor immediately head to the O'Neil farm, threatening Elwood O'Neil through the phone. When he gets there, he starts spraying his gun in a fierce assault against the guard and gets to the basement. This is where the O'Neil brothers' laboratory is located, and Trevor will set them on fire with a trail of petrol.

Then, he'll leave the farm likes he hasn't been there before. That's how this mission is also known as GTA V O'Neil Farm mission because most of your action will take place in the O'Neil Farm.

Gta 5 Mission 20 Crystal Maze Guide 6
Cool guys don't look back at explosions!

All objectives of GTA 5 Mission 20 - Crystal Maze


The objectives in GTA 5 Mission 20 is quite straightforward but a little challenging. Here's the list of them, as well as some of the tips for the safest and fastest completion:

  • Head to O'Neil ranch. Just follow the maps to GTA 5 O'Neil farm. It's very easy.
  • Terminate all eight of the O'Neil brothers and head to the basement lab.
  • Pick up the Petrol Can.
  • Drop a gas trail on the floor from the basement lab to the outside of the house.
  • Set fire to the gas trail by shoot at it.
  • Get out of the ranch.


  • Eliminate some enemies stealthily: this mission includes a lot of gunfire, so if you're unfamiliar with the assault in GTA V, it's very likely that you're going to stuck there for a while. In order to avoid as much as damage as possible, you can stay stealthy at the vantage point, pull out a Sniper Rifle with a suppressor, and shot down some of the O'Neil brothers without getting spotted.

Gta 5 Mission 20 Crystal Maze Guide 3
You can use a Sniper Rifle to shot them down stealthily

  • Or else, you can avoid the whole gunfight by heading to GTA V Crystal Maze Basement Door location. Following that way will help you a lot since the path from that entrance has a lot more cover for you. Furthermore, after you've entered the house without spooking everyone, all of the enemies patrolling out of the house will disappear somehow, so you'll only have to shoot down the enemies inside.
  • You can make drop your gas trail faster by taking a shortcut to the exit at the back entrance. Firing the trail and exploding the house from there works like a charm! However, that's not a problem at all, since, by that point, you had already eliminated all of the thugs.

Gta 5 Mission 20 Crystal Maze Guide 6
You don't have to follow the trail guide to explode the house

  • Another solution to explode the O'Neil's farm is to use the sticky bombs. You can just bring one, sneak down to the basement, plant it and explode it after leaving the house. However, this method is only possible for replays, since the sticky bombs are not unlocked at first walkthrough.
  • You can make use of Trevor's ability to dodge the gunfight to get to O'Neil brothers safely.

Gta 5 Mission 20 Crystal Maze Guide 5
Dodge gunfight with the outer thugs by taking the back entrance

  • The house has a lot of windows, which allows you to shoot down the enemies from the outside. The most devastating way to evaporate the enemies is using grenade launchers or rocket launchers from out of the house. However, be mindful that the enemies can shoot out of the windows as well, so you'd better get your cover.
  • If you're feeling your health is dropping to fast, feel free to use the health packs scattering in the house. There's one outside the back of the house and some lying in the house, which will catch your eyes immediately

How to get Gold Medal for GTA 5 Mission 2o

GTA 5 Crystal Maze mission is not too challenging to complete, but it's very hard to get Gold Medal. Here are all the requirements, which you should read carefully before trying.

1. Headshots - Kill 10 enemies with a headshot: Like I've mentioned from the tips, you can use a Sniper Rifle with a suppressor to headshot 10 enemies from the vantage point. However, it only counts if you kill the visible enemies from the vantage point, so you'd better pay attention. Furthermore, If you spend too much time killing the guards, two O'Neil brothers will escape with their van. You'll have to eliminate them before they do that to complete 10-headshot objectives.

Gta 5 Mission 20 Crystal Maze Guide 9
Be quick with your shot, or else two O'Neil brothers might escape!

2. Unmarked - Fulfill the mission with the least damage to your health and armor: There are several tips for this objective, including:

  • Stealthily shoot down 10 enemies from the vantage point (similar to the tip above)
  • Approach the basement from the floor to get more cover

3. 2 Birds 1 Stone - Kill 2 enemies with one shot: There's nothing special tips for this. However, the O'Neil brothers often sit linearly chatting, so you can line up your shot with the sniper rifle to kill two of them within 1 shot.

4. Accuracy - Finish with a shooting accuracy of at least 80%: Again, all you'll have to do is to be precise with your shooting. However, if you find yourself missing too many shots, consider switching to a low-damage gun. This makes you spend more bullets to kill an enemy, making up for the missed shot and raising the overall accuracy rate.

Gta 5 Mission 20 Crystal Maze Guide 7
Don't worry if you've failed at first run. Follow our guide, and try again!

Fortunately, GTA 5 Mission 20 doesn't have any time limit for achieving the Gold Medal, so you can take your time planning your tracks on GTA 5 Mission 20. Good luck!


Hopefully, after reading our guide, you'll have no problems getting through GTA 5 Mission 20 with 100% completion. Stay tuned to Gurugamer find more guides on GTA 5's missions in the future!