GTA 5 Mission 3 – Complication is a unique mission assigned to the protagonist Franklin. The protagonist, Michael, can also join the final sequence in this Complications GTA 5 mission.

In the first part of the mission, you will get acquaintance with necessary sneaking skills. In the second part of GTA 5 mission complications, it would be more fantastic when you learn fighting skills on exciting melee fights. Trust me, and it won't let you down!

Overview of GTA 5 Mission 3 Complication

To unlock this mission of GTA 5 missions 3, you're recommended to complete Main mission 3, also known as Repossession Mission. Franklin receives this mission in the car dealership of Simeon Yetarian, his boss. It requires a lot of melee fighting skills, and you should practice it hard to complete the mission quickly, get a gold medal, and dozens of other attractive rewards.

First, Franklin goes to Simeon's car dealership, seeing this dealer arranging a deal with a customer, Mr. Kenneth. Simeon asks Franklin to break in Michael's mansion and steal the car SUV he sold to Jimmy De Santa before to sell it to other customers with exorbitant interest rate payments. It's always the black job of this tricky dealer.

Gta 5 Mission 5 Complications 8 1024x576
Enter the house

On the way to Michael's house, Simeon calls Franklin to scold and curse him for keeping the bike in the previous mission for himself, and then give some more detail about this mission.

When arriving at Michael's house, Franklin jump through the small gate to break in the house, knock down the gardener working in the front garden. Then, he sneaks in Michael's house, finds the car, steals it, and quickly escapes with the stolen car. It seems to be a successful burglary when Franklin enters the main road on the yellow SUV he took from Michael's garage.

Gta 5 Mission 5 Complications 14
Break in through window

However, GTA 5 complications wouldn't be such an exciting mission if it's so easy to pass. Franklin doesn't know there's someone on the car until Michael points a gun on his head and orders him to drive the car to hit Simeon's car dealership. With a small sum of money, Franklin leaves and let Michael fight with Simeon. It's time you show off your melee skills. As Michael, you will have to knock out Simeon with your fist. And, GTA V mission 3 passed!

Gta 5 Mission 5 Complications 33 1024x576
Beat up Simeon

Objectives of GTA 5 Complications

In GTA V complications, you control Franklin to steal the car and drive to Simeon's shop. In the second part, after Franklin left, you'll play Michael to knock down Simeon and warn him for his dirty work. Check out the following mission objectives to pass:

  • Go to Michael's house (Franklin).
  • Find a way to break in the house (Franklin).
  • Knock the gardener out (Franklin).
  • Climb through the window to enter the house (Franklin).
  • Sneak in the house and find the car (Franklin).
  • Return to Simeon's dealership (Franklin).
  • Drive the car through the front window of the dealership (Franklin).
  • Beat up Simeon (Michael).

Show off your skills in the car steal, and the melee fight to pass the mission and receive heaps of rewards!

Gta 5 Mission 5 Complications 20 1024x576
You got a map while sneaking in the house (Franklin)

Rewards for GTA V Complications Completion

Completing GTA 5 mission 3 Complications part, you'll get the following rewards:

  • 300 dollars (as Franklin)
  • Michael character will be unlocked
  • New activities in the world map will be unlocked

With these awards, you will have more fantastic things to do in Grand Thieves Auto 5 and dozens of exciting experiences in later missions.

How to Get Gold Medal in GTA 5 Mission Complications

Completing mission objectives does not mean you can get the gold medal unless you need to meet the following requirements:

  • Time: you'd better complete this mission within 5 minutes. Don't waste much time in sneaking in the house and finding the car. Beat up Simeon quickly to pass the mission before 5 minutes is over.
  • Dirt Nap: try to knock out the gardener with a sneak attack.
  • Can't Touch This: do not take any damage while fighting with Simeon.

These are keys to get a gold medal in this mission. It requires you more skills than to pass the mission only. But if you do it right, you'll win. Hopefully, these guidelines help you complete GTA 5 mission 3 complications without difficulty, get attractive rewards, and win a gold medal for the mission.