As of the middle of the “chaotic” 2020, Grand Theft Auto 5 is still one of the biggest names there are on the market. It’s the second best-selling game of all-time with over 130 million copies sold worldwide. Every gamer on the face of the Earth knows what Grand Theft Auto is, and most would enjoy the idea of such a genre-defining title. With Epic Games Store giving the Premium Edition of GTA 5 for absolutely free earlier this year, the game now boasts an even larger demographic. Today, we’ll go over the GTA 5 weather cheat, one of the many powers you have. 

gta 5 weather cheat cloudy
Cloudy is the most common weather state in GTA 5, it doesn't greatly limit your field of view

It’s really hard to explain why the Grand Theft Auto franchise has such an appeal to gamers from all generations alike. No matter you’re young, old, or even a toddler, there is always something in the game that would satisfy (we do not encourage letting little kids play it though). One aspect of the GTA’s attractiveness must be the cheat codes. This feature has been with the franchise for so long that it becomes almost iconic and totally irreplaceable. These codes give you immense power to be the literal God of San Andreas, even the ability to control the forces of nature. Yup, there’s weather cheat on GTA 5

gta 5 weather cheat beauty
GTA 5 weather gives the game a realistic beauty

Some may wonder what the weather cheat on GTA 5 has anything to do with the misadventures of Trevor, Michael, and Franklin. Well, it depends on your perspective. However, these weather cheat codes are definitely not useless, because if they are, the developers wouldn’t have put them in the game. But more on the usage of the GTA 5 weather cheat later.

GTA 5 Weather Cheat: Cheat Codes for All Platforms 

Grand Theft Auto V is currently available on 7 different platforms: Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows for PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. However, for the sake of this guide on GTA V weather cheat, we’ll only be looking at three main categories: PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Others of the same console series often follow the exact key sequence, so it would be silly to list them all out. For example, if you’re using Xbox 360, then the code for Xbox One also works. 

gta 5 weather cheat cycle through choose
You will have to cycle through all the weather states to choose the one you desire

Here is the GTA V weather cheat for the mentioned platforms:

  • MAKEITRAIN - GTA 5 Weather cheat PC
  • R2, X, L1, L1, L2, L2, L2, Square - GTA 5 Weather cheat PS4
  • RT, A, LB, LB, LT, LT, LT, X - GTA 5 Weather cheat Xbox One
  • Cell Phone Code: 1-999-625-348-7246
gta 5 weather cheat timelapse
Use the GTA 5 weather cheat to facilitate your realistic timelapse

Unfortunately, there aren’t codes made for specific weather conditions in Grand Theft Auto 5. You will have to enter then re-enter the code according to your platform to toggle the weather. To illustrate, you can’t immediately change the weather from rainy to sunny. You have to cycle the codes through until you reached the desired one. Please note that the weather cheat isn't available in GTA Online

GTA 5 Weather Cheat: The Weather States

As we mentioned above, you can’t just instantly change the weather condition in Grand Theft Auto 5. To experience a specific one, you must cycle through others that the game offers. However, we guarantee that Los Santos always looks beautiful, whether it’s pouring cats and dogs or scorching hot. With that being said, here’s every available weather condition you should know before using GTA 5 weather cheat PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

gta 5 weather cheat rainy enhanced
Rainy weather state is enhanced in Grand Theft Auto 5
  • Sunny/Clear: This is a common weather condition in Grand Theft Auto 5. It happens the most in the rendition of Los Santos and Blaine County. 
  • Rain: A common weather condition that happens every three to five days in all Grand Theft Auto games. In GTA V, the rain is enhanced, featuring different intensity and can often include thunderbolts. 
  • Cloudy: It’s one of the most common conditions to occur in GTA 5, and can be considered “default” based on its frequency. The cloudy weather doesn’t have that big of a difference regarding visibility. 
  • Fog/Mist: This condition is somewhat similar to cloudy weather, but it greatly affects the field of view. We suggest using the GTA 5 weather cheat PC to switch to other conditions if you’re about to race - this “aerie” weather isn’t ideal for speed competition. 
  • Snow: This was first introduced in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and has now made its way to GTA V. If snowy weather is turned on by cheat code, some of the pedestrians will say: “Hey, look; it's snowing.” 
  • Sunset/Sunrise: Players love the scene where the Sun hovers over the Los Santos' skyline so much that the devs make it an official weather state.
gta 5 weather cheat thunder storm
You can now witness actual thunderstorm in GTA V, not "the sky just lights up" as in previous installments

These are the five basic weather conditions in Grand Theft Auto V that you have to cycle through to choose your desired one. You can also download mods to add new states to the game, such as sandstorms. 

How to Use GTA 5 Weather Cheat

To enter the weather cheat on GTA 5 on your PC, simply hit the “~” key located in the top left of your keyboard, then enter the code above. Remember to save your progress first to avoid any glitches that may cost you the entire session. Plus, you won’t earn any achievement after using cheats until you restart. For console users, hit the buttons following the sequence as the GTA 5 weather cheat Xbox One and PS4 say. Enjoy the power of Gods as you gain complete control over the weather of San Andreas. 

The GTA 5 weather cheat would be of great help to your gameplay, changing an unfavorable condition to a more suitable one. Moreover, if you’re making a cinematic sequence regarding GTA 5, it’s never a bad idea to include some rain and thunder for a splash of a dramatic feeling. All in all, the sky is the limit when it comes to weather cheat on GTA 5. For more guides on the famous franchise, visit our website at