Rockstar Games released a surprise GTA Online update after launching the Bottom Dollar Bounties content update. This summer’s big GTA Online DLC brought new stuff right away, along with ongoing new content and lots of fixes for bugs.

Like many game updates nowadays, a new update in GTA Online brings along new bugs. Rockstar has managed to fix some of these bugs directly in GTA Online's backend, without needing a downloadable patch. This has allowed them to resolve issues within days instead of weeks.

Gta Online Sommer Update 2024
Rockstar has managed to fix some of these bugs directly in GTA Online.

As part of this update, one significant improvement is the better rotation for Dispatch Work. Rockstar has also fixed issues with early access to dripfeed content like the Stun Rod and Ludendorff Cemetery Survivals.

GTA Background Update Patch Notes

Rockstar insider Tez2 has provided us with the list of fixes included in the latest background update. Below is the full changelog for the update:

If you didn't catch all the changes and fixes from last month's main downloadable patch, you can review the complete patch notes here. Which bug fixes, new content, or adjustments are you most pleased with in this GTA Online update? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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