Not only is GTA known for its basic stories and gameplay, but it also impresses its fans with impious references and critiques of politics, pop culture, and real-life happenings. This signature seems to be continuously shown in GTA 6 as we have seen in the trailer. As to GTA Online which has just received a major Bottom Dollar Bounties update, this is an old story.

Yesterday, a Reddit user named Bubbly_Yak6388 shared an image implying the game has come with a new The Matrix reference. Specifically, some cars in the game are named after the main characters in the movie series, such as Oracle, Rhinehart, Cypher, Zion, Niobe, and Sentinel.

Gta Online Cars And The Matrix Characters
The Commonality between GTA Online cars and The Matrix characters.

GTA Online cars and The Matrix characters: Commonality

Before, many players did not see the commonality between GTA Online vehicles and the important characters from The Matrix. A fan thought that the name ‘Neon’ was quite familiar yet they could not define it till they saw Bubbly_Yak6388’s post. Another fan claimed that ‘Neo’ is also in the lineup despite not being added to the OP’s list. This is the only car made by Vysser in the game. 

In addition, in the game’s Rockstar Edition, players can apply the “Morpheus” filter. This filter has a main green color which is used in the Matrix series. Previously, GTA: Vice City enthusiasts also discovered some fascinating details of the series.

GTA is still getting updates, so let’s stay tuned to see if any additional cars are named after The Matrix characters.

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