Earlier this month, we've announced you about a new first-person PvE shooter namely GTFO. It's the brainchild of the developer 10 Chambers Collective - the team that consists of creators behind the highly acclaimed PAYDAY and PAYDAY 2. GTFO follows the same concept of 4-player co-op, but not to commit epic crimes, but to explore the deadly facilities.

Unfortunately, back in that announcement, the game is not available to play for every user, since only ones that registered for the early test through Discord are able to try the game. However, this time is different, since the developer 10 Chambers Collective has revealed that GTFO will be available on Steam Early Access very soon, allowing every excited user to have a look!

And taking this opportunity, the developer also released a video explaining the 'Rundown' mechanics of the game. You can have a peek in the video below, and then come back to us for clarification:

The story of GTFO

GTFO takes the main settings of a hidden facility lying underground, which you and your friends will have to discover. To be more specific, your crew was the prisoners of "The Warden", and they've sent you and your pals down to this complex. Your task here is to explore the dark and horrifying scenes to extract the priceless artifacts deep down the facility.

Gtfo Steam Early Access 4
You and three of your friends were forced to explore the complex

However, the complex has more sinister things than just its darkness. The hostile monsters are all over the place and become even more deadly in the shadow. Together, your crew must find weapons and tools to help you survive while discovering the secret behind your path.

Like the name of the game says, let's get the f- out of here!

The 'Rundown' features

Details on the GTFO's gameplay features appeared on our previous article on the game, which you can have a look here. But besides the first-person co-op shooting elements and the looting mechanics, this reveal has opened up the idea on a brand new feature called the 'Rundown'.

Gtfo Steam Early Access 1
The shooting and looting in GTFO looks gorgeous

To be more specific, it's basically a huge map drawing show you the overall looks as well as the details of the complex. It's divided into a lot of parts, marked by the tiers A, B, C, D and so on, and was ranked with difficulty levels. The easiest ones are on the highest levels, and the deeper you head down the facility, the harder your journey will become.

Gtfo Steam Early Access 5
It will show you how much progress you've made with the game

But that's not the only special thing about the Rundown. In fact, it works basically like a procedurally-generating mechanic, which will refresh the complex and its levels to a whole new one. There will be a timer below each Rundown, and when the timer runs out, the facility will be completely reset. This feature adds a whole new level of difficulty into GTFO, since you'll have to complete your plan ahead of time, or else, you'll have to come up with the whole new one with the new Rundown.

Gtfo Steam Early Access 2
Each level goes with different objectives, which you'll have to spend a week or two to complete

The Rundown will not appear from the void, as the developer needs some developing times to bring the new ones online. 10 Chambers Collective also promised that it will continue to bring regular updates in time for each Rundown to end. Bigger Rundowns will be likely to last for a month, while smaller ones will be available for one or two weeks.

Release date

We haven't got any official release date of GTFO yet, but the developer has planned to release the game for Steam Early Access later this year. And since we're getting closer to December now, we might not have to wait much longer to try this hardcore co-op first-person shooter!