There has been a resurgent in the simulation genre – it used to be very popular in the past, and after a brief period of downtime, more and more titles from that particular niche genre are getting released again. Hand Simulator: Survival Combines the gameplay elements from both Survival and Simulation titles to create some of the most unique multiplayer survival experience.

This is a multiplayer survival game in which you, along with up to seven people, would be stranded in a remote island. Your task is to survive as long as possible while creating a bonfire signal so that the ship would be able to pick you up. The survival aspects of the game are similar to any other titles out there: you would have to craft tools, get water and food by either hunt or gather, build a house and fire to keep warm. This might sound simple, but it is not nearly as easy as you would believe. The difference here is that you would have to manually control your hands.

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Get a fire burning to signal the nearby ship

This is a “hand simulator” after all, which means that just using your hands correctly is a huge challenge. In other games, interacting with objects is just “look at the object” then press E. It is completely different in this game, as you have to manually tinker with everything. From picking which hand to use, raising/lowering and extending/retracting your arm, rotating wrist and moving fingers, everything is controlled manually with either mouse movements/clicks and keyboard shortcuts.

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You have to coop to survive through the night

Dynamic weather, along with the harsh condition of survival and limited resources would always keep you on edge. The game would probably be easier to play with multiple people, as you can divide the tasks between each other and team up against various hazards like bees or tigers. The game also cost only 72 rupee – a cheap price if you want to play it online on Steam. Interested in more of our articles related to video games? Please check out this post for the top 10 best Star Wars games on PC.