This new trailer is for the commercial purpose of the game, as the release date of the PS4 version is near.

You can watch the trailer in the video below:

Death Stranding New Cinematic Trailer

In the new trailer, you can see Sam running from enemies, carrying his baby jar in the process. Along with that is a bit of shooting, and a large creature that looks like a man at the end.

Also, according to a recent "Status change" in an Australian PlayStation site, Hideo Kojima's upcoming game Death Stranding might be announced for PC soon, as it's not a PS4 exclusive game anymore.

While this might be surprising news to some fans, it's actually not too hard to guess, as the recent cover art of the game has removed the ‘Only on PlayStation’ branding - which was seen in all the PS4 exclusive games. And while the PC version is not officially confirmed, fans of the game are currently in high hope - especially with the timing of this discovery - which is only 2 weeks before Gamescom event.

Death Stranding Image 6
The game features a bunch of big names in the movies industry

But some fans have a different thought, that Death Stranding will still be an exclusive console title, just not for PS4 only, but also Microsoft's Xbox One. The basis of this opinion comes from the fact that Sony and Microsoft's recent relationship is getting better, both joining their hands to challenge the new land of Video Game streaming - so Death Stranding not being a PS4 exclusive is also a part of this new relationship between two gaming giant.

Death Stranding
A Screenshot from the game

Meanwhile, Death Stranding will be available on PS4 later this November, and you can now pre-order the game on the PlayStation Store.