It is not easy to define whose problem is it as you can’t connect to the game server. We may not know if the problem is on our ends or Apex Legends is suddenly offline and have some bugs. In this game, there are various bugs that you can’t define the reason for them.

There are some solutions to this problem. If the game is suffering an overall problem, or if Apex Legends servers are down, you could try Down Detector. It is one of some ways to determine if it actually has something wrong with the game. Down Detector is for internationally users to tell details about the problem they are having with certain services. You will know it’s the game’s problem if there are many players who have the same matter with the broken servers as you.

1Apex Legends may confuse you by its technical problems

Another place for you to check the Apex Legends server status is Apex forums, the official site of the game. There is an area offering only for technical support for players on Apex forums. There will be various posts about the problem on the forums if there are server bugs occurring among the majority of players. You can upload a post on the forums as you are suffering some issue logging in Apex Legends and you can’t look for a suitable solution. The problem that you are experiencing would be noted and investigated by Electronic Arts crew, the publisher of Apex Legends, who are monitoring on the forums.

2There are different venues for you to check the reason for the technical problems in Apex Legends

Last but not least, another solution for the connecting server problems that you are experiencing is posting on social media. The news is spreading immediately and quickly through social media. Whenever a technical problem is happening, many Apex Legends players will post, tweet and upload stories about it. Besides, you would know if there is a bug occurring in the game as Apex official accounts on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, etc. would announce and alert the users about it.

By checking these sites, you would definitely know if the bug is on your end or it is Apex Legends’ technical problems and you could get it fixed as quickly as possible.