Buried treasure is a naturally generated structure that consists of a buried loot chest. The chest is buried primarily on beaches, and rarely on the ocean floor. They are the only source of the heart of the sea, which can be used to craft a conduit. Buried treasures can be located using explorer maps.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase how to find Buried treasures in Minecraft 2022.

1. How to get a Buried Treasure map?

With the world of Minecraft being massive, digging around randomly for buried treasure is not a good idea. It is best that players look for a buried treasure map (or explorer map) instead.

Minecraft Buried Treasure Map Seed Java Edition
Buried Treasure map


Apprentice-level cartographer villagers sell ocean explorer maps for 13 emeralds and a compass.

  • In Java Edition, each cartographer sells its own unique explorer map, pointing to the nearest location. Purchasing another explorer map from the same cartographer results in the same explorer map.
  • In Bedrock Edition, a cartographer sells an explorer map that points to the nearest location, regardless of whether it is explored or previously mapped by another cartographer.

Because of this, players might need to move the cartographer around a bit for it to spawn a new explorer map.

Natural generation

Treasure maps generate in underwater ruins or in shipwrecks. Shipwrecks, while harder to find, are guaranteed to spawn a treasure map. Underwater ruins, on the other hand, have a 41.7 an 43.5 chance to generate, on small and big chests respectively. While the chance is high, it is still not a guaranteed thing.

Word Image 212
Shipwreck in Minecraft

Shipwreck spawns in pretty much all aquatic biomes so players only need to look around for a bit to find them. Alternatively, it is possible to locate shipwrecks using the command /locate shipwreck. Afterward, explore the wreck to find a map chest.

2. How to Find Buried Treasures in Minecraft

On the map, a white circular mark will indicate your current position and the X is where the treasure is buried. Just move toward the treasure - the top of the map is always North. Press the F3 key to open up the information panel (Java) to see the direction your player is facing.

Buried Treasure Chest
Buried Treasure in Minecraft

Players can begin to dig upon reaching the treasure. Treasure chests are almost always buried by some material, depending on the location of the treasure.

  • In Bedrock Edition, buried treasures are always generated at chunk coordinate 8 (out of 0 through 15) on the X and Z axis.
  • In Java Edition, buried treasures are always generated at chunk coordinate 9 (out of 0 through 15) on both the X and Z axis and are always facing east.

3. What are the most valuable drops?

  • Heart of the Sea: a rare item that can be crafted into a conduit. This is a beacon-like block that provides Conduit Power and attacks hostile mobs underwater.
  • Chainmail armor pieces (Bedrock only): a special set of iron armor that cannot be crafted.
Minecraft Heart Of The Sea Feature 1
Heart of the Sea can be used for conduit.

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