While July's GTA Plus membership is a bit lacking, it still offers a number of benefits that players want to have. If you want to spend a little bit to get ahead in GTA Online, the subscription GTA Plus is pretty much the biggest bang for your buck. In this article, Gurugamer is going to analyze the July release of GTA Plus to see if it is worth buying or not.

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GTA+ is a worthwhile subscription for light spenders.

List of all GTA Plus July bonus

Here are what GTA Plus subscribers can get in July, up to July 18, 2022.

  • $500,000
  • Shark Cards+
  • 100% Diamonds in The Diamond Casino Heist
  • Lester and the Support Crew take 50% less from the cut than usual in The Diamond Casino Heist
  • Crash Pad Penthouse
  • Free Ocelot Locust
  • Triple Daily Chip Claims
  • 40% discount on Penthouse decorations

Alongside these bonuses, there will also be free clothing items:

  • Yellow Wireframe Bodysuit
  • Double cash on Standard Time Trials
  • Session Glow Necklace
  • Blue & Yellow Glow Shades
  • 4x cash and RP on The Data Leaks
  • Yellow & Blue Camo Livery for the Oppressor Mk II, Half-track, and Revolter

What are the best bonuses in GTA Plus July?

Overall, the various bonuses from the memberships are fine, but its main draw is the 100% guarantee to get Diamonds in The Diamond Casino Heist.

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Players can take this chance to grind as much money as they want from the Diamond Casino heist.

This allows players to grind the Diamond Casino heist much more efficiently, as Diamonds give players much more money than Artwork, Cash, or Gold. Its max payout is about $1 million higher than the Gold option in Hard. Combined with the lower take from the support crew, players can grind this heist as much as they want. As this heist require multiple other players, it is best to assemble a group of friends to grind. Relying on randoms can lead to frustration.

Take note that these benefits only go up to July 18, 2022, which is shorter than average. What might happen later in the month is currently unknown.

What about the other bonuses?

Outside of The Diamond Casino Heist, the rest of the July GTA Plus bonuses are not that notable. The 4x RP and cash on The Data Leaks (a Dr. Dre mission in The Contract) can net players a good amount of money as well, depending on the missions they do.

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The other bonuses outside of the casino are rather underwhelming.

The rest of the bonuses can be exchanged for money, and they are not that big. In this regard, the free Locust can save GTA Plus members $1,625,000, while the free Crash Pad saves them $1,500,000. Unfortunately, there are no HSW upgrades once again.

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