The woodland mansion is highly fatal and one of the rarest structures in Minecraft. Here, players need to cope with one of the most threatening modes called the Evoker, usually found lurking in the dark rooms.

To avoid an early death, all players need to carry the most powerful items with themselves due to the fright the woodland mansion offers. Here are the best items you should bring to a woodland mansion in Minecraft.

Woodland Mansion
What do you need to help you survive the woodland mansion?

5. Elytra

Although the elytra is not going to be useful inside the Minecraft woodland mansion, it will be efficient on your way to the location of this structure.

The woodland mansions are often located a plethora of blocks from the spawn point. It will take quite a long time to go over all this distance only on foot. Therefore, getting an elytra would save you a lot of time as you can travel to the woodland mansion in only the blink of an eye.

Elytra will be a big help when you want to travel faster to the destination.

4. Water Bucket

A Water Bucket may sound irrelevant but it can come in handy when you are inside the woodland mansion in Minecraft.

For your information, the Vindicator is a highly hostile mob. It usually chases the player while also swinging an axe around. Imagine if that gets you. This is when the uses of water bucket prove necessary. By placing water between you and the Vindicator, you can buy some time to shoot it with a bow.

Water Bucket
A water bucket sounds like an interesting choice, but it does come in handy in specific situations.

3. Enchanted Armor

Another item that Minecraft players should seriously equip with them is enchanted armor. On your venture to defeat the woodland mansion, there will be a series of dangerous mobs waiting for a chance to come at you.

It is essential to wear a diamond or iron enchanted armor that will give you the best defensive protection possible. Moreover, using the Protection enchantment will make your armor even stronger to cope with dangers.

You can check the best armor enchantments in Minecraft for more suggestions.

Enchanted Armor
Remember to don Enchanted Armor to stay alive.

2. Offensive Weapons

If a player wants to make it out of the place in a complete piece, they will need some offensive weaponry. You are recommended to bring a sword (better be a diamond sword if you can have one) as well as a bow to prepare for any possible happening.

Moreover, the arrows coming in might be intense so you need to get a shield to protect yourself from the pillagers in the mansion.

Minecraft Diamond Sword
Don't forget your weapons!

1. Torches

Last but not least, the woodland mansion interior is quite dark and that’s why you need something to help you see. A ton of torches will help you explore the structure and avoid threats from all corners.

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