Kings of Lorn: The Fall of Ebris has stayed in development progress for over two years now, it has caught gamers' eyes through its earliest images. It's a dark fantasy game where you'll take control of a mighty king desperately trying to save his kingdom from the edge of destruction.

And finally, after a long wait, the game is out now for PC via Steam! Personally, I don't like the game's dark esque at first, but through a range of updates, it looks gorgeous now. You can see the visuals and the gameplay of Kings of Lorn: The Fall of Ebris in the launch trailer of the game below:

The story of Kings of Lorn: The Fall of Ebris

Kings of Lorn: The Fall of Ebris takes you to the prestigious role of the king of six fantasy kingdoms of Lera. Your kingdom is now suffering from an endless plague, devastating the life of your precious people, so no one else but you - Farren - will have to find a way to put a stop to it.

Kings Of Lorn The Fall Of Ebris Feature 672x372
You'll have to ascend to the land of Ena to find a cure for your kingdoms

The only way for you to cure your kingdom of the plague is by adventuring in another country - Ena: The Kingdom Above All Kingdom. Your trusties regent - Gulbrand has somehow found a tale that brings the last hope to the country, requiring you to find the Spires and the unique resources in Ena. So, letting your country under the control of Gulbrand, you'll embark on your journey to the higher kingdom to search for the answer to this disease.

Through a long and dagưngerous journey, you've succeeded in opening almost all of the Spires, but something has gone wrong with the last one. After you reopened the last Spire, the entire world starts to collapse, the sky goes black and the oceans are evaporated. Every effort you've made is in vain, and now you find yourself stuck in a collapsing world, worrying about your kingdom.

Kings Of Lorn The Fall Of Ebris Launch 2
It's no longer the land you used to know

It takes you three years to go back to your beloved land of Lera, but where is it? The kingdom you're seeing is not the one that you used to rule anymore. You soon find out that your Regent and the authorities have betrayed you, and you'll have to fight to regain the rulership of your kingdom and save it from the current wicked king.

Gameplay features

Kings of Lorn: The Fall of Ebris is a horror game that you'll explore the dark fantasy ưorld of Lera and Ena through the first-person perspective. In the journey to recover your land, you can only trust yourself, as no one will give you support when you're in need. One against armies - will you be able to fulfill your task?

Kings Of Lorn The Fall Of Ebris Launch 4
You can only rely on you and your weapons

The world of Lera is experiencing its darkest era with a dense atmosphere and the light is nowhere to be found. And lurking inside those shadows are the horrors that are hunting for you. They are also much stronger than you as well, so you'll have to put your whole life at risk to find a looming chance of winning.

Kings Of Lorn The Fall Of Ebris Launch 3
The monsters are waiting for you in the darkness

And when I said put your life at risk, I mean literally. Aside from your normal weapons such as swords, axes or starves, you also have the power of a magical weapon that will blow your enemies off quite easily. However, the cost for that is your HP, which means the more you use your ultimate weapon, the more your HP will drop. Hence, you won't want to use it excessively.

Kings Of Lorn The Fall Of Ebris Launch 5
Are you ready to pay the cost?

Kings of Lorn: The Fall of Ebris is now available for PC via Steam at the price of $39.99.