Every Minecraft fan knows that diamonds are the most sought after resource in the game. You have to get through various stages before being able to mine these precious rocks from the ground. The game requires you to first obtain an iron pickaxe as well as mine all the way to level 15 or lower to find the tiny crevices of diamonds. The process will take a lot of time digging, smelting, and crafting. Not to mention the danger you may face on the journey down. But, everything can be solved with these best Minecraft seeds for Diamonds.

Diamond Mine
Diamonds are hard to come by in Minecraft

As you may already know, Minecraft allows players to control much of the elements in the game, even the maps. You can literally choose the world to spawn in as long as you have the correct seed codes. However, the majority of these codes are still randomly generated by the game engine. Worlds spawned with special traits or unique locations are often shared in the community. The same story applies to the seeds for diamonds in Minecraft. They are worlds that offer you a chance to acquire the game’s most precious resource right after spawning. Read on for the description and exact code of each world seed!

Top 5 Best Minecraft Seeds for Diamonds

#1 Taiga Island (Game Version: Bedrock - 1.14)

Kicking off the list is a seed that spawns you on a great Taiga island, right close to the precious diamonds. Players can pretty much dig straight down to find them right away, but be careful with mobs and underground caves. Head to the coordinates below for six diamonds! There's also a ravine located quite a walk away from spawn. You can find a couple of exposed diamonds there. If you're looking for a Stronghold, it’s next to the Badlands Village beside a large ravine!

Minecraft Seed Taiga Island
Use a bucket of water to go down the ravine
  • Seed: 1796811328
  • 6 Cave Diamonds: 32 11 29
  • Ravine Diamonds: -1046 13 217
  • Badlands Biome: 34 75 269
  • Large Badlands Village with Ravine and Stronghold: 54 65 951

#2 Five Diamonds Right at Spawn (Game Version: Java - 1.15.2)

Five diamonds will get you a pickaxe and a sword - two of the best tools to start the journey in the blocky world. If you don’t fancy the idea of venturing far and wide to look for this scarce resource, then give this seed a try! Literally, there’s a humongous sinkhole right next to the spawn where you can find five diamonds at the bottom of it. This hole will take you all the way down to the diamond-spawning level. A pretty large village is also within sight from the spawn. Remember to take advantage of the crops or loot the chests for tools and resources. On top of that, you will find a monster spawner very close to the spawn as well.

Minecraft Seed Five Diamonds Spawn
Go straight down and you should find the diamonds at the bottom
  • Seed: -6959476951899901279
  • 5 Diamonds in Cave: -155 11 45
  • Spawner Cave Entrance: -220 70 95
  • Monster Spawner Location: -219 65 93
  • Ship Wreck: -157 64 351

#3 12 Diamonds near Spawn (Game Version: Java - 1.15.2)

Looking for some early mining action? Then this is the seed for you. Get yourself some tools after spawning and follow the coordinates below to find 12 diamonds! They’re located not too far away, under a gigantic cave that connects to a huge mine. Apart from diamonds, you will exploit an abundance of copper, iron, and coal. Expect to fight some mobs also.

Minecraft 12 Diamond Seed
Equip yourself with necessities before going in for the diamonds
  • Seed: 5109281423434314902
  • 12 Diamonds: 161 13 166
  • Gigantic Cave Entrance: 113 68 99
  • Bamboo Jungle Biome: -18 85 -275

#4 Large Island with Village and Diamonds at Spawn! (Game Version: Bedrock - 1.14.6)

Who needs a Minecraft seed diamond finder when they have this seed? Immediately after spawning, you get access to 10 diamonds right nearby. There are two separate ravines next to the spawn. It would be quite an adventure down since lava lays all around the bottom. But still, owning 10 diamonds this early in the game is worth all the risk. So you down there, get the shiny stones, then hop on a boat and head for the village island. It’s not far away and it has all the resources to kick start an amazing journey. And if you feel like hiking and sight-seeing, there’s a pretty large forest/taiga village half a day away.

Minecraft Best Seed Java Island Village
There's a village island right near the spawn
  • Seed: -1007380239
  • 2 Diamond Ravine: 473 11 -23
  • 8 Diamond Ravine: 503 11 -21
  • Island Village: 653 64 572
  • Large Taiga Village: 1362 71 929

#5 Buried Treasure Diamond Chests (Game Version: Java - 1.15+)

This will be the perfect conclusion to our list of Minecraft seeds for more diamonds. It’s a little different from the others since you won’t be mining. Adventurous gamers may love the treasure hunting action involved. You can acquire a total of eight diamonds pretty close to spawn near the beach. These chests also offer quite a bit of gold and iron bars to get you going strong. Remember to check out the village right next to the spawn, the coral reef, and the desert village!

Minecraft Buried Treasure Diamonds Seed
This map seed is meant for those who love a little adventure
  • Seed: -461078946825570778
  • Village: 67 69 3
  • Beach Village: -314 69 129
  • Coral Reef: -468 63 116
  • Desert Village: 303 63 -346
  • Desert Temple: 315 67 -197
  • 2 Diamonds and Gold Bars in Treasure Chest: 105 60 169
  • 2 Diamonds and Iron Bars in Treasure Chest: 9 68 105
  • 4 Diamonds, Gold, and Iron Bars in Treasure Chest: -262 63 313

That’s the end of our list for the top 5 best Minecraft seeds for diamonds bright and early. You’re promised to a great start with the scarcest resource in the game without much hassle. Why risk digging straight down from your home or venture far and wide while you have access to it right near spawn. Just remember to bring an iron pickaxe to mine the stone from the ground! Visit our website at GuruGamer.com for more guides, tips, and tricks into the world of gaming!

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