It’s nearly impossible to find someone in the gaming community who does not know about Minecraft. No matter what are their opinions of the game, none can deny the popularity of Mojang’s creation. Minecraft has been ported to various platforms and become the best-selling game of all-time. The current owner of the title, Microsoft, announced it has sold over 200 million copies worldwide, with over 126 million monthly active players. Gamers around the globe don’t seem to get enough of the blocky sandbox adventure. Today, we will take a closer look at the best Minecraft seeds with mansions

Woodland Mansion
Woodland Mansions are massive structures

What is Minecraft World Seed?

One of the most appealing features of Minecraft is the stimulation of the players’ creativity. The game allows you to mine, customize, and build pretty much anything out of your imagination. Every single block in the game is minable, well, except for the bedrock. But it doesn’t stop there. Minecraft also offers the option to download and play ready-made maps, worlds, and more. That’s where the Minecraft world seed comes in handy. 

Create World
Enter the seed ID when creating a new world

In common sense, seeds are used to grow plants and trees. But in Minecraft, seeds are actually codes from which the game deciphers to generate worlds. You can find all sorts of seeds on the Internet, full of interesting landscapes and key landmarks, ready for an expedition. As of why the Minecraft world seed exists, the answer is pretty straightforward. 

Prepare for the adventure inside these Woodland Mansions

No matter how experienced you are as a miner, there’s still one thing you can’t control: the terrain itself. These world seeds will solve that problem immediately. All you have to do is choosing a favorable landscape to start your exploration. 

Best Minecraft Seeds with Mansions

Every Minecraft player will know the appeal of building a house in the game. In fact, there are a whole plethora of videos dedicated to just Minecraft constructions itself. Yet, pulling off a cozy, majestic home for your blocky character is not an easy task. It could take hours, even days to come up with the idea and many more to actually build it. That’s what goes into building a house, not mentioning a mansion. Such a massive project requires long hours of gameplay, which not many could afford. Hence, using a seed to generate a ready-made one is the best option. 

There are various mobs spawned in the Mansion

Now, let’s take some time to talk about the mansion in the seeds. They are Woodland Mansions, which you can find in the Dark Forrest and Dark Forrest Hill Biomes. These massive systematically-generated structures are inhibited by mobs and contain various loots. Plus, you may find a room with a giant statue of a cat or a chicken. Though Woodland Mansions all have three floors, the number of rooms will vary. Using seeds means you can skip the venture as the Mansions spawned right nearby. With that being said, check out the best Minecraft seeds with mansions for each platform. 

Minecraft Seeds with Mansions PC

Here are the 5 Minecraft seeds with mansions right near your spawn locations. We will list out the seed codes as well as the exact coordinate where you can find these giant structures. Check them out:

#1 Seed:  Desert Temple and Mansion Seed

  • Seed ID: -6991895562573809762
  • Mansions’ location: X(330); Y(67); Z(145) and X(680); Y(64); Z(-705)

#2 Seed: Mansion and Tall Birch Spawn Seed 

  • Seed ID: 7378265706341150671
  • Mansions’ location: X(175); Y(72); Z(260)

#3 Seed: Mansion and Village Spawn Seed

  • Seed ID: 1857412898017346634
  • Mansions’ location: X(240); Y(69); Z(295)

#4 Seed: Crater Spawn Seed

  • Seed ID: -3269619886672121060
  • Mansions’ location: X(185); Y(63); Z(315)

#5 Seed: Outpost, Witch Hut, Mansion, and Village Seed

  • Seed ID: 4614140598291241803
  • Mansions’ location: X(435); Y(66); Z(295)

Minecraft Seeds with Mansions Pocket Edition

The Pocket Edition is basically the Minecraft mobile game. It provides the same experience you may have with the PC version, but on the handheld platform. You can also use seeds to generate worlds in the Minecraft Pocket Edition. Woodland Mansions are also updated in the mobile versions, which means you can use the Minecraft seeds with mansions PE to spawn right near one. Here are two of the best seed IDs to use:

Cat Statue
The Mansion may include a Statue room

#1 Seed: -396676922

Directions: Look left from your spawn, the Mansion is within the render distance

#2 Seed: KKFF

Directions: Go southeast, past a village. This seed hides a Woodland Mansion about 700 blocks away from spawn

Minecraft Seeds with Mansions Xbox One

For the Xbox One version of Minecraft, we present you one world seed with Mansions included. What makes it special is that it does not contain 1, or 2, but three Woodland Mansions! Yes, there are actually three mansions in this world for you to explore. The seed ID as well as the exact coordinate of each structure are noted below:

Totem Of Undying
The Totem of Undying is a precious loot in the Mansion

Seed ID: -7733400670875482311

Spawn Point X:(164); Z:(274)

  • 1st Woodland Mansion Near Spawn X:(-122); Z:(217)
  • 2nd Woodland Mansion X:(6); Z:(37)
  • 3rd Woodland Mansion X:(-285); Z:(-244)

Minecraft Seeds with Mansions PS4

Here’s a mansion seed for PS4 players: 

Seed: -594594125817182135

World size: small

Biome size: medium

Woodland Mansion Coordinate: X: (166) and Z: (246)

Note: To use the seed, remember to enter all characters in the code (including the “-” if there is one) when you're creating a new world. This applies to all platforms. 

Decade Minecraft
Enjoy your Minecraft adventure

We hope you can find several Minecraft seeds with mansions, no matter what platform you’re playing. You can have some epic time looting through the mansion or defeat all the mobs inside to claim it yours. Whether you choose to do with it, you’re guaranteed to have a great adventure in the sandbox world. For more guides, tips, and tricks into the world of gaming, visit our website at