Most of the time I find myself typing in video games is when I blame my teammates in online games. The only offline game that I have to type to adventure is Super Mario Typing, and I really don't want to touch it ever again.

However, Nanotale is going to be the new game that I'll enjoy typing in. It's an adventure RPG game from the developer Fishing Cactus that is coming for PC. Below is the trailer of the game, which you can have a look to see what I'm talking about:

About Nanotale

Nanotale takes the settings of a vibrant fantasy world, in which the world is held together by magic. Throughout its history, the world has seen generations of Archivists study and record the mysteries of the planet. They are forbidden from interfering in the world's situation, and they can only observing its changes in the neutral position.

Nanotale Typing Chronicle Cast Magic Using Your Ty
The Archivists can only observe the changes happening to this world without interfering

The Archivists' vow is even more important than the fate of the world. To be more specific, the world is on the verge of destruction, as the Tree of Life is humming its Final Song. Everywhere in this world is dying, from the Blue Desert to the Ancestral Forest, but we are not allowed to interfere.

Nanotale Typing Chronicle Cast Magic Using Your Ty
This vibrant 3D magical world is dying

You'll step in the shoes of an Archivist namely Rosaline, doing what an Archivist needs to: witnessing the death of this world, collecting clues and record the mysterious entity that has driven the world to its end.

Nanotale Typing Chronicle Cast Magic Using Your Ty
Take control of Rosaline and experience the job of an Archivist

It's such a simple task, you might think. But in the middle of this chaotic situation, there will be some events that you would never expect!

Save the world with your typing skill

Nanotale is an RPG game that has a strong scent of adventure. In this game, you'll take control of Rosaline - the Archivist to embark on the adventure in this dying magical world. Your task is to travel to every corner of the planet to find out the mystery that's ruining this world.

Nanotale Typing Chronicle Cast Magic Using Your Ty
Investigate in every corner of this planet to archive the truth behind the mysterious power

In order to gather enough clues, you'll have to interact with the environment as well as with other characters. You'll have to control your characters totally with your keyboard: from both movements, interacting, solving puzzles.

Nanotale Typing Chronicle Cast Magic Using Your Ty
Interact with other characters for more information to record

And here's when your typing skill shines. In order to cast your magical skills, you'll have to type the specific spells on top of the objects or your foes. The quicker you type, the faster you'll defeat your foes, and vice versa. If you're slow to react or negligent with your typing, your enemies will have enough time to get to you.

Nanotale Typing Chronicle Cast Magic Using Your Ty
Type exactly the word on top of the objects that you want to interact to cast spells

Last but not least, you can play Nanotale in your most-efficient language, as the game supports various language choices. They include English, Russian, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Polish and Korean, so you don't have to worry about your keyboard layout while typing spells.

Nanotale Typing Chronicle Cast Magic Using Your Ty
Nanotale supports multiple language options, but the voice will be only in English

Release date

Nanotale is going to be self-published by the developer Fishing Cactus. It's coming for PC on October 23.

Nanotale Typing Chronicle Cast Magic Using Your Ty
Nanotale will be available for PC on Steam on October 23

However, if you can't wait to try the game, you can join the developer's Discord channel for more claim your ticket. Enjoy your typing magical journey!