NASCAR Heat 4 is a racing simulator for the 2019 NASCAR season. By Monster Games, the newest entry of the series will arrive at PS4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows through Steam this September 13th.

Expect a much better career mode, over 150 official cars as well as 38 distinct tracks to put your skills to the test!

NASCAR Heat 4, coming soon to major platforms.

Fans and followers of NASCAR racing games have been in great pleasure to hear about the game release announcement. To hype things up, a fancy short action-packed trailer has come out and in case you’ve missed it, here it is:

New features of NASCAR Heat 4

NASCAR Heat 4 looks to bring many new things to the NASCAR racing title. Notably, there will be a much deeper career mode, higher quality graphics as well as track maps. The career mode has always been a big plus of the series and now they have even put more emphasis on it. We’ve seen career modes to succeed in F1 2019, so it would be an interesting take to expect what’s coming this September.

Tracks and teams

NASCAR Heat 4 will include 38 different tracks alongside more than 150 teams to drive for. In case you didn’t know, by purchasing the Gold Edition of NASCAR Heat 4, you’ll get to drive the famous Jeff Gordon car. In addition to that, the Toyota Supra series is also here, bringing a breath of fresh air into the game.

Many new tracks and teams are coming to NASCAR Heat 4.

Last but not least, Monster Games improved the driving physics and added in brand-new on-track audio.

Since September is getting closer and closer, we’re expecting much more in-depth peeks at features like the career mode. Of course, players are looking forward to getting their hands on the game, and we hope Monster Games can deliver a truly awesome racing experience for their fans and followers.

NASCAR Heat 4 is hitting the market on September 13th. You don't want to miss that!

Once again, NASCAR Heat 4 will hit PS4, Xbox One, and PC later this summer, on September 13th.