All in! Games publisher has added another title to its line-up at Gamescom 2019. We have announced you about SYNCED: Off-Planet - a triple AAA title from NExT - a studio under Tencent Games.  This time, it's NYX: The Awakening - the action-adventure game that brings you the nostalgia of the 80s culture.

Nyx The Awakening Brings You To The 80s Retro Worl
All in! Games announced another upcoming title - NYX: The Awakening

Usually, at this time, there should be a trailer of the game. However, the developer only gives us an announcement and several screenshots. That's such, but hopefully, our overview will make you feel better.

NYX: The Awakening features a Hunger Games-like story

"Welcome to the darkest nightmare. Come closer and dive into another world, if you dare…"

That's the lure from NYX - the goddess of Night that exists from the ancient times. Now, she's back and tries to capture more and more players for her torturing mind games.

She's been doing this for a long time, but this time, it's definitely not going to end well. In a 1980s North American town of, NYX has chosen her next victim. She captured Victoria, a.k.a Vicky - a soul that she shouldn't have picked at the first place.

Nyx The Awakening Brings You To The 80s Retro Worl
Victoria is not the soul that NYX wants to capture!

However, this non-obedient soul is very tough, as Vicky denies to follow the rules of the goddess. She doesn't agree with the unexpected twist of her life from NYX, so she rises against the terrifying control of the goddess. With a lightsaber, she will willingly face all obstacles and challenges that NYX is throwing at her, and find a way out of this game!

Your job is to help Victoria defeat the almighty enemies by getting through all the dangerous traps. And the gift for you is being able to discover the truth lying in the shadow about Vicky's life.

Nyx The Awakening Brings You To The 80s Retro Worl
Find the mystery behind Vicky's life!

That's enough about the story, let's talk about its gameplay. NYX: The Awakening will throw you into the music and the world with the neon 80s pop culture. At there, you'll have to fight against different kinds of enemies, using your lightsaber.

Nyx The Awakening Brings You To The 80s Retro Worl
NYX: The Awakening is a new action-adventure game

Furthermore, the game also features some environmental puzzles, which is compulsory to further advance through the games. And last but not least, you'll experience all these elements with radiant neon visuals and neon-retro soundtrack!

Release date and supported platforms

According to its Steam page, NYX: The Awakening is going to come out for PC on September 24, 2020.

Nyx The Awakening Brings You To The 80s Retro Worl
The game is coming for PC in September

The publisher All in! Games and the developer Black Sail Games also promised that it's going to support other platforms as well. They include PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, but there isn't any exact date for those releases yet.