Pawarumi is a spacecraft shoot 'em up game developed and published Manufacture 43 studio. You will play as a female pilot called Axo to fly the legendary ship Chukaru and try to defeat the armies of the Council and discover their dark secrets. In order to do that, you will need to fully learn how to control the ship and utilize its power in the right situation. You can check out the trailer of Pawarumi below.

Pawarumi introduces players to a new system called the "Trinity Mechanic" to empower their ship. You have three weapons with 3 colors red, blue, green and so do the enemies. Whenever you shoot an enemy with a weapon, their colors will correspond to each other and create a different effect with different combinations.

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Each combination of colors will give a different kind of effects

There is a total of 3 effects Crush, Boost, Drain. Crush will increase your damage output so you can kill enemies faster. Boost will regenerate your shield while making enemies stronger. Drain will charge up your super attack.

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Using the right weapon will win you the game

You can switch your weapon easily with only one button. Each of these effects will give you a different advantage in different stages. Knowing which color you should use is crucial to winning the game. You might be confused at first and get punished for the smallest mistakes. But as you progress, you will learn more and find yourself a playstyle to beat the game.

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Unleash your super attack to eliminate all enemies around you

You are also equipped with a shield to block incoming bullets and a superweapon to unleash a rain of fire upon enemies.

Pawarumi is currently available for PC on Steam with $14.99. The game will be coming to PS4 in February 2020.