Phantasy Star Online 2, one of the biggest MMO in Japan, has finally been localized and ported to PC. The strong point of the game is its fluid class system – you can be anything and master everything on just one character. In PSO2, there are no roles like the usual MMOs, only different play styles. Phantasy Star Online 2 is Free to Play, of course – if you are interested in the good ol' anime-style combat with an engaging JRPG story, download the game now.

In this article, we would give you an overview of Phantasy Star Online 2 Best Class.

1 – Hunter

While the damage that this melee class can dish out is just average, it excels at survival – more than any other in the game. Hunters have high HP and can take a decent number of hits, which make going solo trivial. If you don’t have anyone to party with or is completely new to the game, the Hunter class is pretty much a foolproof perfect choice.

Phantasy Star Online 2 Best Class for solo
Phantasy Star Online 2 Best Class for solo: Hunter is the most straightforward class to pick

This class can use three weapons: Swords, Partisans, and Wired Lances. Swords exchange speed and range for a lot of damage. Partisans are the opposite – quick and have decent range, but doesn’t deal as much damage. Wired Lances are the most unique – they are “ranged melee” weapon, which can extend out in conjunction with Photon Arts that focuses on multi-targeting and grappling.

2 – Fighter

The fighter is the melee class that focuses on dealing damage – their skill tree is all about amplifying their attack abilities. They don’t have much survivability, however – you must be careful, otherwise, your character would take a lot of damage in combat. If you are a fan of the “hitting hard, moving fast” style of character in Animes, Fighter should be the top pick.

Phantasy Star Online 2 Best Class 2020
Phantasy Star Online 2 Best Class 2020: Fighter is a fan favorite - it is the most "anime style" class

This class can use 3 types of dual weapons: Twin Daggers, Double Sabers, and Knuckles. Double sabers have a decent reach and fast, with a moderate number of combos. Twin Daggers are faster than sabers and can hit even higher combos but have a lower range. Knuckles has the shortest range and the highest number of combos.

3 – Ranger

Exactly what it says on the title – the ranger is a ranged class using Assault Rifles and Launchers to deal damage from range. They have great survivability because of their range and the usual hit and run tactic – but you have to actually control them and not just standing still. Assault Rifles are quick and precise and best at antipersonnel while Launchers are great against mobs of enemies.

Phantasy Star Online 2 Best Class combos
Phantasy Star Online 2 Best Class combos: Ranger with Assault Rifles is amazing at hit and run

4 – Gunner

Gunner is a type of ranged class that engages enemies in relatively close range, doing hit and run with their mobility skill. This class has the best dodge in the game and could be really deadly if you managed to master it. However, they require a lot of effort to actually play – you have to constantly move around. The weapon for this class is the Twin Machine Guns that can perform combo at range.

Phantasy Star Online 2 Best Class combos
Phantasy Star Online 2 Best Class combos: Combo your ranged attacks with the Gunner class

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5 – Force

Force is the usual mage class – they mainly have elemental damage abilities (called Tech in-game) and can charge up with varying power. They also have some support Tech, but not as many as a Techter. Besides Techs, Force can attack from long range with regular Tech attacks based on the weapon equipped. This “fragile mage” class can’t take much damage – as a trade-off for their power.

phantasy star online 2 best class

Their weapons of choice are Rod and Talis – both boost tech power but rod has an auto-attack while Talis would serve as a focus point – you can throw it on the ground to home all your Techs onto that spot.

6 - Techter

Techter is the support class of this game but they are a little bit more tricky than usual. They can use the same Techs as Force but their skills only give bonuses to Wind, Light, and Dark elements. This class is pretty tricky to master, with their main source of damage being a combination of buff, healing, techs, and melee attacks.

Phantasy Star Online 2 Best Class for duman
Phantasy Star Online 2 Best Class for duman: Techter is a weird combination of support characters that can use a heavy weapon

Techter can use wands and talises, but has no bonuses for the latter.

7 – Braver

The last three classes are hybrids – they can perform at both melee and ranged combat. Bravers are quick and adaptable, with the ability to combine the two forms of combat. You can also focus on one style – but the skill tree is pretty forgiving so your other style would not be fully useless. This class specializes in Bows and Katanas – great weapons with both speed and damage.

Phantasy Star Online 2 Best Class and race
Phantasy Star Online 2 Best Class and race: Combine your Class with the appropriate race to create a perfect character

8 – Bouncer

Bouncers are the most unique class in-game – it is pretty similar to Techter but has some twists: they get to bounce around in the air. Overall, their attack style is pretty similar – using both Tech and physical attacks with elemental buffs. Their weapons of choice are Soaring Blades and Jet Boots. Soaring Blades are Twin Daggers but exchange the aerial attacks for mini thrown blades. Jet boots let you fly around and attack your enemy.

Phantasy Star Online 2 Best Class for solo
Phantasy Star Online 2 Best Class for solo: The Flying Bouncer is the most fun to play class

9 – Summoner

Summoners fight by controlling pets hatched from eggs that can be dropped or bought – they are pretty versatile in most situations, as pets can be switched in and out. This is probably one of the easier classes to play, as your pet would do all the heavy lifting for you. Your job is just standing from afar casting skills.

Phantasy Star Online 2 Best Class for summoner
Phantasy Star Online 2 Best Class for summoner: Leisurely grinding through levels with your pet

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