In 2021, terrorists have successfully carried out their plan and made a catastrophic nuclear powerplant meltdown on a global scale. The entire world is now in ruin and chaos. Only a small number of people could survive the disaster by hiding under the ground in facilities called Enzones. Now, 150 years later, humanity starts to return to the ground and rebuild the world. It is up to you to lead them to build a city for people to stay and survive. You can watch the trailer of Endzone: A World Apart below.

After more than a hundred years under the ground, the world on the surface is no longer the same world it used to be. You will face harsh environmental conditions such as acid rain, radioactive zones, sandstorms, and an unusual climate. Protect your people by providing them with buildings, food and try to overcome different challenges every day.

There will be frequent sandstorms and acid rain

Key feature:

  • Build houses and provide food for the survivors. After that, you need also to take care of other aspects such as education, traveling, trading,...
  • Assign tasks and jobs to individuals to gather resources and produce goods.
  • To protect your people from harmful conditions such as acid rain, sandstorm,... you need to build special buildings such as anti-contamination gear, water filters,...

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Explore old buildings to find new resources that might help you

  • The world is now a dangerous place, but you still need to expand your place and travel to remote places to find more resources.
  • The climate has turned worse with unexpected drought and floods. Always stock up food, water, and other necessities to prepare for hard times.
  • There is a total of 30 buildings, each with their own distinct function and purpose.

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Teach people how to grow crops for food

Endzone - A World Apart is currently developed by Gentlymad Studios and will be published by Assemble Entertainment in 2020 for PC.