Red Dead Redemption 2 is a Rockstar game... and similar to all other Rockstar games, it has cheats for players to play around with the game's world without having to worry about the lengthy grind. In this article, we would list out all Red Dead Redemption 2 Cheats PS4, Xbox, and PC.

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1 - About Red Dead Redemption 2 Cheats PS4, Xbox, and PC

These cheats are pretty easy to access in general - you can go on a rampage with infinite ammo and heavy weapon at a moment's notice... however, there is a set of rules that you must take note of.

Red Dead 2 Newspaper Cheat

  • No saves can be created while cheats are turned on.
  • Achievements or Trophies are disabled the moment cheats are turned on.
  • Cheats won't work unless you have bought a newspaper or examined one in-game.

2 - How to activate Cheats?

Head to Saint Denis, Valentine and Blackwater and pick up the Saint Denis Times, New Hanover Gazette and Blackwater Ledger respectively from the newspaper seller in town. Certain newspapers will only be available after you have passed a certain point in the story, and some cheats are actually locked off based on how far you have progressed. Because of this, you might want to finish the main campaign first to get the best experience.

You can also find various cheats in the open world, etched onto the surfaces in the environment as well.


These newspapers are dime a dozen... and if you have already beaten the game you should have plenty of money for them. Pick up all available copies and once you have done that, open your satchel, inspect and flip them over. Zoom to the bottom of the paper - if it has a cheat code, there would be a little tagline under an article contain a phrase. That phrase is what you have to type in to activate the cheat code.

3 - Red Dead Redemption 2 Cheat Codes List

Newspaper Cheats

Abundance is the dullest desire: Infinite Ammo

  • This would give you endless ammo for all weapons.

Greed is American virtue: Heavy weapons

  • This would give you access to a loadout of the most powerful weapons in the game.

Virtue unearned is not virtue: Increase Honor

  • Instantly max your Honor so that everyone would respect you.

Red Dead Redemption 2 War Horse Pre Order Bonus

The lucky be strong evermore: Infinite Stamina

  • This would give you and your horse infinite stamina.

You long for sight but see nothing: Removes Fog of War

  • This cheat would reveal the whole map to the player.

You seek more than the world offers: Fortify Health, Stamina and Dead Eye Bars

  • This cheat would restore all your bars to full and fortify them.

Red Dead Online

You are a beast built for war: Create War Horse

  • Spawn a warhorse for you to use.

Would you be happier as a clown?: Give you a Circus Wagon

  • This cheat would let you roll into town with a clown car, pretty much.

Open World Cheats

You flourish before you die: Fill Health, Stamina, Dead-Eye to Max

  • This can be found etched onto a drawer in the Snowfield Shack. On activation, the code would completely fill your health, stamina, and dead eye meters.

You want punishment: Increase Wanted level

  • Prepare to face the law of the wild west when maxed out Wanted Level.

You want freedom: Decrease Wanted level

  • Escape the law with this cheat.

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Balance. All is balance: Neutralize Honor

  • Restore your Honor to a Neutral level.

A fool on command: Always Drunk

  • This cheat would make you drunk permanently until it is turned off.

Vanity. All is vanity: Unlock all outfits

  • This cheat would unlock all outfits in the game for you to play dress-up with.

Eat of knowledge: Learn all crafting recipes

  • Unlock all crafting recipes - you would still need the ingredient and camp to cook them, of course.

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A simple life, a beautiful death: Simple weapons

  • Unlock various mid-tier weapons for you to use.

Death is silence: Stealth weapons

  • This code would give you all the stealth weapons like throwing knives, machete, tomahawk and bow.

You want something new: Create Random Horse

  • Spawn a horse with randomized stats.

You want more than you have: Create Superior Horse

  • Spawn a better horse than the one you are riding.

Run! Run! Run!: Create Race Horse

  • This code can be found on a chalkboard in Fort Rigs. It would create a fast racehorse.

Full Cheat Codes List Unlocks Red Dead Redemption

My kingdom is a horse: Increased Horse Bonding

  • Max out the level of bonding with your current horse.

Better than my dog: Increased whistle range for horse

  • Increase the range of your horse whistle substantially.

Share: Purchase all camp upgrades

  • Unlock all camp upgrades upon activation.

Keep your dreams simple: Create Wagon

  • Spawn a wagon for you to use.

Make me better: Set Dead Eye Level 2

  • Increase your Dead Eye Level to 2.

I shall be better: Set Dead Eye Level 3

  • Increase your Dead Eye Level to 3.

I seek and I find: Set Dead-Eye to level 5

  • Max your Dead Eye Level.

Be greedy only for foresight: Infinite Dead-Eye

  • Dead Eye would last forever and have no penalties.

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